“….we operate here out of directives that emanate from the White House. And the subject of those directives are, we are to use our grant-making powers to alter life in the United States so that we can be merged with the Soviet Union.”

– Rowan Gaither, Joint Committee on Regional Government hearings, Sept. 26, 1978

On Nov. 4, 2005, Congress once again, passed a grossly unconstitutional foreign-aid appropriations bill in the amount of 20.9 billion borrowed dollars. In this monstrous new foreign-aid appropriations bill is a $4 million expenditure to fund Russian political parties. Every time you buy cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, excise taxes on tires and gasoline, you will be paying to support political parties in Russia – a corrupt, rotten government run by mafia gangsters.

The people’s treasury is already over drawn $8 trillion-plus, yet these buzzards in Congress are forcing you deeper into slavery. New World Order facilitator George Bush will sign this bill into law further violating the U.S. Constitution and putting every hard working American into more massive, unpayable debt. You are already paying $2700 per year to support illegals who smuggle themselves into this country. When will enough be enough?

There is nothing in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which allows Congress to steal from the people’s treasury to give money to any foreign government. Just because Congress has been violating the supreme law of the land for decades does not make it legal.

Having a difficult time at the gas pump, trying to put food on the table, pay for medical coverage and clothe your children? Today you will work to pay for these $20.9 billion “foreign policy programs” which unconstitutionally provide financial aid to poor nations for health, education and military initiatives. Some $110 million alone goes for the “Middle East Partnership Initiative” – recipients include oil-rich Kuwait and Saudi Arabia!

Bush’s New World Order “Millennium Challenge Program” will get $1.8 billion borrowed dollars. This pet project of Bush’s is to “spread democracy to underdeveloped countries by tying foreign aide to political, economic and human rights reforms.” How utterly reprehensible that a sitting president of these United States of America would not only violate his oath of office by signing such an appropriations bill, but Bush is pushing the most evil form of government: democracy. No democracy has ever survived. Bush is promoting and supporting failure. Congress has been supporting his anti-American agenda and we the people are being forced to fund our own destruction.

None of this is by accident, but rather by a cleverly designed trap which the American people are walking right into because of blind loyalty to their political party favorite. Jeri Lynn Ball, author of “The Masters of Seduction, gives us a raw accounting of the truth:

Freedom-loving Americans are now on a collision course with the Russian and Chinese communists, and their ally, the Bush administration. These communitarian ruling classes are carrying forward the program for global communist conquest, a program initiated by communist gangster bosses, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

The morality they have been preaching, i.e. community values (the communist morality) is evil and their global communitarian and environmental programs and policies, strategies and tactics, treaties and alliances, plans and course of action are evil. Can there be any doubt that their aim is to scrap the U.S. Constitution, abolish American liberties and establish a military form of government?

The Sino-Soviet-U.S. communitarian governing elites have been achieving the altruization, collectivization, and Sovietization of the United States by inculcating in Americans Soviet communitarian ideology and communist morality (communistic community life, community building, and community values, i.e. selflessness, social duty, service to the community, and sacrifice and hard work for “the Common Good.”) The globalist ruling elites are the architects of the new world order – the builders of the communist international community and the global network of local communist communities.

This criminal cabal is made up of the governing classes in Russia, China and the United States … In each of these countries, the ruling class, the controllers, the privileged caste is the nomenklatura. The Soviet nomenklatura runs the Soviet Union. The Communist Chinese nomencklatura rules China. The Council on Foreign Relations is the U.S. nomenklatura …

The Clinton-Bush administrations have collaborated with the Russians and Communist Chinese to create a one-world government under the United Nations – a brutal, terror-inspiring, global totalitarian police state. These maniacs work together to impose a new world order comprised of masters and slaves – a world without Christianity, without principled individualism and private free enterprise, without liberty and justice.

America: The blueprint is right there to see if you will just open your eyes and get out of a state of denial before it’s too late. We the people are being stripped of our God-given rights, our property and our freedom. We are being run into the poor house to prop up corrupt dictatorships around the world. The sweat off your back is being stolen without any legal basis and given to citizens of foreign counties.

This transfer of wealth is bankrupting the American people and sending the middle class to the poor house. The process is almost complete. Is this really the legacy you will hand your children and grand babies?

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