Same-sex sermon in Severn

By Les Kinsolving

On Halloween, the pro-sodomy-acceptance Baltimore Sun – which is understandably sustaining a serious loss of circulation – reported the following:

“With a message of humility, faith in times of suffering and God’s unconditional love, a bishop with the Archdiocese Of Baltimore celebrated Mass yesterday at a service devoted to gay and lesbian Catholics.

“‘As bishop, being here this afternoon in this community, I do so with genuine affection and gentleness to you,’ Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski, the eastern vicar, told those gathered at St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church in Severn, [Md.,] a parish that has had a thriving gay and lesbian ministry since 1997.

“Reflecting on Scripture readings about the Apostle Paul’s admiration for the Thessalonians as ‘faithful people who embraced the cross at a time of suffering,’ the bishop added, ‘In our own time, you know the struggle, some of you, of being gay and lesbian.’

“The service – the second in five years sponsored by Baltimore’s Archdiocesan Ministry with Gay and Lesbian Catholics and offered by St. Bernadette’s – attracted same-sex couples, single gay men and women, and parents of gay children, as well as churchgoers hoping to send a message to Catholic leaders with their presence at such a Mass.

“Attendees traveled from Pennsylvania, Virginia, the District of Columbia and across Maryland for the religious service – and, more important, they said, an inclusive welcome that is not available to them at many Catholic parishes.

“‘It gives me hope,’ said Ed Smith, 53, of Glen Burnie. ‘It says to me that we can be who and what we are intended to be and that people will accept it. That our religion will accept it and let us be Christians. It tells me that someone has been reading the Bible and learning that Jesus loves everybody.'”

Ladies and gentlemen: I agree that Jesus loves everybody.

He loved those Temple money-changers – even though they were regularly cheating devout pilgrims from places like Nazareth.

So Jesus took a small scourge of cords and he beat the hell out of these sacrilegious cheats and drove them out of the Temple.

This is very probably the main reason the Sanhedrin had him arrested him at night and conducted a midnight trial with visits to Pontius Pilate so that Jesus was on the cross by 9 a.m.

The Sun also reported that at St. Bernadette’s parish the opening hymn was entitled “All Are Welcome.”

Does that include active and unrepentant child molesters? Hasn’t the U.S. Catholic church suffered enough at their hands?

Why did Jesus say of those who so harm children: “It is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea”?

If sodomists – who are still the leading spreader of AIDS and now syphilis – are really repentant – there is the opportunity to worship.

But at St. Bernadette’s, there is a parish bulletin mentioning “a program that will provide a welcoming and accepting place for you … as a gay and lesbian Catholic.”

If gays and lesbians, why not sadists and masochists, as well as child molesters and practitioners of bestiality – none of which alternative sexual orientations has the AIDS and syphilis rate of sodomy?