There was a great deal of D.C. doublespeak going on earlier this year about tax reform, tax cuts and selling the American people further down the road of financial bondage via alternative taxing schemes. Predictably, all this jabbering has produced nothing:

Tax-cut momentum waning … amid costly post-hurricane cleanup and soaring budget deficits, the Democrats and moderate Republicans who once rallied behind tax cuts are now hanging back.

– Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 29, 2005

There’s never has been any attempt to return to constitutional government since FDR began the massive push to inculcate the American people into a state of total dependency on mother government. It doesn’t matter if the GOP or the Democratic/Communist Party hold the majority in Congress, both parties violate the supreme law of the land every day they’re in session. Both parties have allowed the plunder of the people’s treasury to continue unabated since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed by a corrupt Congress.

Every so often, we hear that Congress “wants” to get rid of the death tax – another bald faced lie that will slam into the American people come 2010 if this republic even survives that long. Americans are fleeced during their lifetime by the Internal Revenue Service misapplying the tax code to them. Then, when they leave this earth, in swoops the Gestapo to tax what’s left. This tax is taxing what has already been taxed and taxed and taxed. Those courageous men of such wisdom who birthed this Republic would never have stood idly by and allowed this reprehensible picking the bones of the dead.

Deciding that there are too many single black mothers in Washington, D.C., those “smaller government” Republicans in Congress also approved a pilot program which gives $9,000 to couples in D.C. to forfeit living together and get married. This $9,000 stolen from your pocket can be used to provide capital for a new business, school or a down payment on a house after the marriage has taken place. There isn’t a scintilla of authority in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which authorizes this kind of stealing from the people’s treasury to give borrowed money to anyone promote marriage.

On one hand, these scoundrels in Congress unlawfully whack married America by forcing them into a higher tax bracket, while the other hand is unlawfully handing out thousands of dollars to get couples to marry. There is a line in the Beatles song, “I am the Walrus,” which goes like this: “Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.” These crooks and the factually challenged in Congress are sitting on a cornflake – not waiting for a van – but for the complete and total financial meltdown that will fully materialize at least a year before the first wave of baby boomers retire in 2008. While these scoundrels in Congress will have “theirs,” don’t look to them to save your bacon.

The congressionally created national debt is running in excess of $8 trillion. To add insult to injury, Congress just voted themselves a raise in the amount of $3,100 on Nov. 18, 2005. After such taxing labor on your behalf, they then postponed work on zillions of smokescreen bills to chop unlawful spending on social programs, cut taxes and headed for a two-week vacation. Let me tell you a truth most will reject: Unless this stops, the middle class will retire into poverty and the marginally wealthy will retire trying to make ends meet.

There is but one solution: the constitutional solution I have outlined in so many of my previous columns. That won’t happen until we remove these incompetent employees serving in Congress. As Charley Reese so brilliantly wrote:

Are you telling me we can’t find 100 good men and women to replace the ones who have failed in their duty? That the present 435 members of the House represent the best people available in the United States? God forbid. We have not sunk that low. You could pick 535 men and women from any small city in America, pick them at random, and you’d have a vastly improved federal legislature.

Americans need to get out of a state of willful denial: The good ship is going down because you refuse to hold your elected servants accountable for their actions. Forget “save the party.” Our first priority should be to save this republic: Fire Congress in ’06!

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