It’s amazing what liberals will do, say and put up with to remain politically correct.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

There are myriad examples in the San Francisco area. There are constant reminders of how incredibly insulting liberals are to anyone with common sense, two eyes to see and a brain to comprehend.

It was brought home to me with a jolt last week in a news article about the opening of a new museum in San Francisco and it centered on the country of Zimbabwe and its president, Robert Mugabe.

Case in point: a new museum that opened with the usual society hoopla and, in this case, some extra panache – color. Politically correct color. Black. Can’t say anything negative.

It’s the Museum of the African Diaspora. The plebeians in the area were treated to much media coverage of the facility and some of the displays, which included three African rocks, a piece about domestic violence and, of course, slavery.

We were told of the hundreds who showed up decked out in gowns and tuxedos to feast on dinner and hear the usual speeches – one of which by Cornel West, the perpetually angry professor who wears his blackness like a shield. One description of his talk about slavery said, his voice was “tormented and outraged” and caused one listener to emit a moaning sigh.

Sounds like a fun evening.

Of course, San Francisco being what it is, there was politically correct politics, but one aspect of newspaper coverage was truly shocking and unfortunately perfectly illustrative of the liberal mind.

Leah Garchik writes a society-gossip roundup column in the San Francisco Chronicle. She attended the opening and in her piece (Dec. 5, 2005) about the evening, she wrote about the speech by Michael Brown, the museum’s chief financial officer.

According to the article, Brown is of Dutch descent and grew up in Zimbabwe. She wrote, “… his family fled that country and scattered …”

He said, “Despite the color of my skin, I am an African. And that, to me, is the overriding message of this museum.”

The shocker was Garchik’s comment about his family. This is how she wrote it – the emphasis is mine:

His family fled that country and scattered when President Robert Mugabe, considered by many a tyrant, took office.

Mugabe’s administration is symbolic of many things of course, including a return of power and land to blacks.

Most people in the room would approve of that; as a result, Brown’s family scattered.

The sheer audacity and ignorance of those statements is breathtaking, to say nothing of its elitism.

Let see … a productive white family, which considers itself “African,” is forced to “flee” their home country because a black is elected president. But, as long as power and land are returned to blacks, everything is OK.

Garchik says Mugabe is “considered by many a tyrant.”

Really? Why? What’s her definition of tyrant?

  • A man who orders the bulldozing of thousands of homes of the poorest in his country (sometimes with people still in them) leaving them in winter without shelter, sanitation or water?

  • A man who promises reimbursement and then orders the outright theft of white-owned farms, the beating, raping and killing of the farmer owners and the blacks who work for them, the theft of their personal property, killing of their animals and destruction of their barns and equipment?

  • A man who distributes the best land to political cronies and family and allows squatters on the rest – none know how to farm and the agricultural economy is destroyed, exports end and there’s not enough food grown to feed the people, leaving them homeless and starving?

    A resident near Harare says he eats lunch but has “air pie” for breakfast and supper. Others speak of eating insects.

  • A man who refuses to accept international food aid saying the country doesn’t need it?

  • A man who destroys small businesses, takes over other businesses, censors and shutters the media, destroys the stock market, the education system, the airports, and the currency?

    Annual inflation is estimated at over 700 percent. The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe says a family of six needs more than $11.6 million Zimbabwean a monthto survive!

  • A man who causes the infrastructure to collapse leading to water and electric shortages, waste treatment facilities breaking down, sewage spilling into the streets, cessation of garbage collection, outbreaks of dysentery, food poisoning and dehydration?

  • A man who has overseen fuel shortages, trains, buses and planes not operating, hospitals unequipped, unstaffed, with no money for salaries, the army not fed or paid?

  • A man who steals elections and has his political enemies threatened, attacked and maimed, if not killed?

  • A man who orders the wanton shooting of all big game, even endangered species?

    Would any of that qualify as tyranny?

    The liberals say none of this matters because what’s really important is returning power to blacks.

    For them, it’s good that Rhodesia became the independent Zimbabwe and Mugabe was elected.

    For them it’s good under his watch, the country has gone to hell with the people existing in a living hell which gets worse every day?

    The liberals in their finery approve of that – or perhaps, they just ignore reality. Why let truth get in the way? Why spoil the utopian vision of a black Africa run by blacks with all those pesky whites gone.

    Apparently, black torture, rape, murder and theft of whites is OK and blacks causing suffering and death to other blacks is acceptable, in the name of – gee, should I say it? – black power and political correctness.

    It’s not nice to criticize.

    San Franciscans aren’t alone, the United Nations has been stunningly silent on this travesty, as have other nations, including France and China.

    Those people should be ashamed of their tacit approval of the destruction of a country that was, just a few years ago, a model of productivity, efficiency, and self-sufficiency on a continent not known for economic success.

    Lest it also be ignored, Robert Mugabe is a Marxist and his political views are spreading – South Africa being of greatest concern. I was there recently and the views of the people as to the horrors of Zimbabwe and what they mean to the future of South Africa should send chills down the spines of all of us – well, liberals excluded.

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