JERUSALEM – Jews plan to take over the world by killing their opponents, Israelis are the descendants of pigs and monkeys, and Allah will soon dish out “the harshest punishments” to the followers of the “corrupt and racist Torah,” according to radio broadcasts and audiocassettes recently distributed in the Palestinian territories.

“The dissemination of anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic hate propaganda continues throughout the Palestinian Authority-administered territories” in spite of multiple pledges to reform the Palestinian media, according to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at Israel’s Center for Special Studies, which released a study that includes translations of radio broadcasts from last month.

On Nov. 17, Al-Huriyyah, a Palestinian radio station in Hebron run by the Fatah-Tzanim militia, broadcast a program called “The Struggle” in which the announcer repeatedly claimed Jews intend to take over the world by gaining control of global economic resources and financial institutions of various countries by “killing their opponents.”

That same day, the Information Center’s study stated, Al-Huriyyah played songs calling for jihad against Israel with lyrics that included, “Do not fall asleep, jihad warrior, because justice never sleeps. Take your bullets with you and bring death.”

The Center also released the translation of a lecture by a Hamas operative entitled, “The end of the Israelites,” that was reportedly distributed by a Palestinian charity en-mass on audiocassette in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

“Because of their corruption, the Jews will receive Allah’s harshest punishment,” says Hamas leader Dr. Bassam Nihad Ibrahim Jarrar in the taped lecture.

Jarrar claims a Jew is “not someone whose mother was Jewish, but someone who has accepted the racist and corrupt principles which appear in the Talmud and the version of the Torah distorted by the Jews.”

The Center says the Jarrar cassette is still being distributed.

In another audiocassette reportedly imported from Saudi Arabia and distributed in the Palestinian territories, a popular Saudi lecturer presents Jews as “the sons of monkeys and pigs” who “make practices of deception.”

“Allah will punish the infidels and the conspirators,” concludes the Saudi sheik at the end of the taped lecture.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders recently have credited PA President Mahmoud Abbas with working to lower official incitement against Israel in the Palestinian media.

The Center for Special Studies said some of the recent incitement has come from media outlets independent of the PA.

“The Palestinian terrorist organizations have found alternative methods for distributing … propaganda and inculcating incitement to hatred and violence amongst Palestinians,” stated the Center’s study. “The PA has limited the diffusion of such messages by its official media, but does not take effective steps to stop it as part of its policy of not confronting the Palestinian terrorist organizations.”


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