Congress continues to steal from the public treasury for votes with the full support of President Bush. Earlier this month, Bush said he fully supports a House plan for an extra $1 billion to help poor families pay heating bills this winter, an amount Democrats – surprise, surprise – say isn’t enough. Our “compassionate conservative” president also said he supports $2.2 billion for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program, which spent the same amount to help poor and elderly Americans pay their heating bills.

There isn’t a scintilla of authority in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution that allows Congress to steal from we the people to pay heating bills for individual citizens or families. These lawbreakers in Washington will try to justify violating the supreme law of the land by claiming the general welfare clause of the Constitution allows it. Of course, when one has done the historical homework, it’s clear this is an unsupported argument. Shawn O’Connor of the Free Enterprise Society summed it up quite succinctly:

Discussion of the general welfare clause of the Constitution by the courts relies upon the Federalist Papers. This term simply means: Taxation was to protect the individuals’ life, liberty and ownership of private property. One can go to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution and read the general welfare clause. Then one can do some history research and see what the Anti-Federalists had to say about this clause: That this clause conveys absolute power to the central government.

Patrick Henry was very vocal in his opposition to putting this kind of language into the Constitution. Madison, however, assured Henry and others that all the general welfare clause represented was a preliminary introduction prior to the enumerating the specific powers the delegates were about to grant to this new federal government and that the general welfare clause granted no new power to the government whatsoever. It was simply an introductory statement.

The Anti-Federalists still weren’t satisfied. Hamilton and Madison came back to re-state that if the general welfare clause conveyed absolute power to the government, why would they go on to list the specific powers they were going to grant the government? That wouldn’t make any sense at all if they were going to give absolute power to this government. It was finally conceded by all at the convention that the general welfare clause conveyed absolutely no power to the government.

Make no mistake about it: This type of unlawful expenditure is for votes. State governors and legislatures do the same thing, and the chickens are coming home to roost at all levels of government. The only problem is not only is it unlawful, but there is no money to pay for these social welfare programs. The U.S. Treasury is empty. It is more than $8 trillion in the hole, yet on Nov. 18, 2005, Congress voted themselves a $3,100 raise.

There is no question this economy is already dead and that to keep it afloat without the kind of hyper inflation seen down in Argentina, the Federal Reserve will continue to paper this country with fiat currency. But, it won’t solve the dire situation, because neither Congress nor Bush are addressing the financial catastrophe that will hit when that first wave of 77 million baby boomers retire in ’08.

Recently, I watched a segment on the tube showcasing a family in Indiana. The husband works at an auto plant and makes roughly $50,000 per year. The mother stays home with three children. Their predicted heating bills this winter will run so high, they say they need federal assistance to pay them. This family’s problem isn’t unique. However, the federal government has no constitutional authority to pay their heating bills, either in full or in part. So what can be done to assist those in need?

We do it the constitutional way. First, the father earns $50,000, but by the time all the taxes have eaten the fruits of his labor, he will be lucky to take home $32,000 a year. Stop the temporary World War II tax called “withholding” and tell the American people the truth about Social Security. This would immediately bring that family hundreds of dollars per month into the household, which can be used to pay their heating bills. Remember: Not a single penny of your income tax (and it would be the same under these alternative taxing schemes) pays a single cent toward one function of the federal government. One-hundred percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the congressionally created national debt and contributions to transfer payments, i.e. unconstitutional payments to the communist U.N., the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and foreign aid.

Run the federal government on constitutional revenues. That can’t happen until the privately owned “Federal” Reserve Banking System is shut down. As long as Congress has the ability to borrow you and your grandbabies into massive, unpayable debt, the more dire the situation becomes. Get rid of the Fed, force Congress to spend within the limits proscribed under Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and there will be no more direct taxation against the fruits of your labor and Americans will be able to meet those critical monthly obligations.

Americans are very generous with big hearts. Charity starts at home. Here in Sacramento, we have a voluntary donation program through the utility district. You can add a $1 or $5 to your payment each month, which goes 100 percent toward assisting low-income families with their heating bills. We add the extra $5 per month from November to April. An extra $30 out of our pockets – less than the cost of one restaurant dinner – but it assists the lower income-level families without raising taxes. When you use a system like this, not only is it constitutional, but set up properly for many other state expenditures, it makes it more feasible to lower city, county and state taxes.

The solutions are there, but they won’t get implemented by leaving the same inept, corrupt politicians in office. Additionally, the American people themselves must stop looking to mother government for social welfare spending unless you want to live under a communist system.

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