Rob Momary and Clint Eubanks of Dallas hope every American sends them $1

A pair of 26-year-old roommates from Texas are looking to cash in on the American dream by simply asking every person in the nation to send them a dollar, and have created a website called to reach a potential goal of $300 million.

“We kind of did it half as a joke,” said Rob Momary, a Dallas-based Web developer who founded Soco Advertising. He and Clint Eubanks, who does research and development for a potato-chip manufacturer, were recently discussing money-making ideas and that’s when they had a brainstorm.

“Wouldn’t it be great if every person in the United States gave us one buck? If you could get every person, then that would be $300 million,” Momary said. “Everybody’s had this idea, but no one’s really done it to make it work. If we only get 1 percent, that’s still $3 million, which is not bad.”

The site debuted Dec. 20, and has so far collected $12 from 11 people and a dog over eight days, without the benefit of any news coverage.

Buck-O-Meter shows a long way to go

The “Buck-O-Meter” on the site notes, “Our Lofty Goal: $300,000,000. Only 299,999,988 bucks to go!”

Momary describes himself and Eubanks as two “normal guys from Dallas” who are conservative Christians. Momary comes from a show-business heritage, as his parents, Doug and Emmy Jo Momary, created the nationally syndicated 1970s children’s television show, “The New Zoo Revue,” a sort of cross between “Sesame Street” and “Fraggle Rock.”

“In a lot of ways, it’s a like a social experiment to see why they would give a dollar,” Momary told WND. “It’s entertainment. People can use it as a soapbox.”

For the price of a dollar, the website offers no good or service, with the exception of the chance to post a message explaining why the donation was made. Momary said people can post photos or even use it to plug themselves or their own business, so it could become an advertising hub at a bargain-basement price.

Some of the initial donors have posted personal messages, including:

  • “As the inaugural donation, let me wish the fathers a very profitable future. This site is like a boomerang – your generosity will be brought back tenfold – if only in the joy it will bring you to give. Just give ’em a buck people!” (Grady Moore)

  • “You guys are crazy, this might actually work. Remember one thing, though – the richest person in the world is not the person with the most money, it’s the person that needs it the least.” (Chum)

  • “All right, you two. Here’s a buck from Mama. When you reach your goal of $300 million, I hope you remember me!” (Mama)

    In Britain, a 21-year-old freshman business-management student at Nottingham University is using a somewhat similar online method to pay for his college education.

    “I thought I might make a few grand but I’ve made a fortune,” Alex Tew, founder of told London’s Daily Telegraph, having earned close to $1 million already. “It’s been a crazy adventure.”

    Momary says as a Christian, he believes in tithing 10 percent of whatever is collected from GiveUsABuck, and says he’ll be happy to pay the Internal Revenue Service whatever is due should the site become a hit.

    “I hope we face that problem,” he said. “This is definitely not my prime income. It’d be a great if it could be, if we could get enough people.”

    While the site started only with electronic donations, its operators are adding a physical address to which people can cash should they wish to use regular mail.

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