Has anyone seen or heard a direct threat from Iran to launch a nuclear weapon at America? Invade America? Has there been any credible threat from Iran to do the United States any harm? Media sources continue to report with a certainty that Iran is going to attack the United States with a nuclear weapon based on “intelligence sources.”

Do the American people believe Iran would be so foolish as to lob a nuclear weapon at the United States? There’s no question our military capability is superior. We could wipe out Iran with a snap of the fingers. They know it, we know it. Iran maintains they have the sovereign right to develop nuclear power – just like Britain, France, China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States have already developed deployable nuclear weapons under their sovereign status.

North Korea is also being accused of building up a nuclear capability allegedly based on the constant threats of military action by Bush. Since the 1960s, both the Russians and Communist Chinese have provided substantial support to North Korea’s efforts. As recent as 2003, Pakistan began playing a substantial role in making North Korea’s nuclear program a success. Communist China, Russia and Pakistan – all supposed friends of the United States – helping an enemy of America build their nuclear program. Few Americans realize Communist China and Russia are the two biggest host nations for terrorists on this globe.

According to a Feb. 29, 2000, story – titled, “China Threatens U.S. with missile strike,” by Bill Gertz of the Washington Times – “China stepped up its war of words over Taiwan yesterday, bluntly threatening to fire long-range nuclear missiles at the United States if it defends the island.”

Despite this direct threat, Bush hasn’t threatened to nuke Communist China – his good friend and trading partner. But, Bush has been making threats against Communist North Korea – and Iran – for years, demanding those two countries shut down any nuclear operations.

Something very important is being overlooked here. The Communist Chinese don’t have enough energy. Communist China has longstanding close ties with Iran. In a published report by BBC News, Nov. 1, 2004:


According to China’s official Xinhua news agency, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding committing Sinopec to buy 250 million tons of liquefied natural gas from Iran over 30 years. Iran will also export 150,000 barrels of crude per day to China after Sinopec has developed the Yadavaran field, Xinhua reported.

It valued the deal at $70 billion. Iranian news service IRNA said the memorandum granted China the right to explore and develop the Yadavaran oil field, and provided for LNG sales of 10 million tons a year. Iran supplied roughly 13 percent of China’s oil imports in 2003, according to official figures quoted by Xinhua.


China has been experiencing blackouts for years and it will get worse. The Washington Post report gave a good overview of the problem for the communists on July 15, 2005:


With so much competition for assets, China has pursued deals with international pariah states that are off-limits to Western oil companies because of sanctions, security concerns or the threat of bad publicity. China National Petroleum is the largest shareholder in a consortium running much of the oil patch in Sudan, a country accused by the United States of genocide in its western region of Darfur.

Last year, China signed a $70 billion oil and gas purchase agreement with Iran, undercutting efforts by the United States and Europe to isolate Tehran and force it to give up plans for nuclear weapons. If Cnooc acquires Unocal, it would have gas fields and a pipeline in Burma, whose operation by the U.S. company has been criticized by human-rights groups.

No matter if it’s rogue’s oil or a friend’s oil, we don’t care,” said an energy adviser to the central government who spoke on the condition he not be identified, citing the threat of government disciplinary action. “Human rights? We don’t care. We care about oil. Whether Iran would have nuclear weapons or not is not our business. America cares, but Iran is not our neighbor. Anyone who helps China with energy is a friend.


Is it in America’s best interests for Bush to bomb Iran – killing who knows how many innocent civilians – to shut down their nuclear plants? No doubt he won’t require a formal declaration of war because the U.S. Constitution is no obstacle for Bush. What about the reaction from nuke-rich Communist China that desperately needs Iran’s oil? Are the American people prepared for the retaliation if Bush bombs Iran? Are the American people ready to sacrifice thousands in our military for a perceived threat?


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