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Israeli military planners have more confidence in the success of an attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities and have already begun sending signals to Tehran that it will not be permitted to threatened the Jewish state with annihilation, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin today.

The new government of acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also wants the mullah government in the Islamic republic to understand that the incapacitation of Ariel Sharon will not leave Israel in any less state of military readiness, G2 Bulletin sources say.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed strong U.S. support for a European move to take the issue of Iran’s nuclear program to the U.N. Security Council. The secretary accused Iran of deliberately escalating the confrontation over the issue, but said the United States still hopes for a diplomatic solution.

The secretary of state endorsed the European decision in a statement to reporters, saying “provocative” Iranian actions in recent days had shattered the basis for further talks between Iran and three European nations.

The U.S. is certain that Iran’s “civilian” nuclear program conceals an ambitious secret weapons effort.

The secretary said it was premature to talk about possible U.N. sanctions or whether permanent Security Council members Russia and China, which have extensive commercial dealings with Iran, could be persuaded to support them.

She plans to speak with Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing as part of a far-reaching U.S. diplomatic push on the Iran issue.

The secretary said since he came to power last year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done nothing but confront the international system on the nuclear issue with outrageous statements, the likes of which, she said, “have not been made in polite company” in many years.

Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth and suggested that the Jewish state be moved to Europe. He also denied the Holocaust ever happened.

Israel has no illusions about the U.N. solving the crisis.

G2 Bulletin sources say a recent statement by the Israeli military chief of intelligence, Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash, that March 1 would be the time limit for diplomatic means to deter Iran’s plans was actually an implied warning to Iran.

Sources in Tel Aviv and in several European capitals, say Zeevi’s remarks were based on a military-planned timetable and a possible D-Day to take the Iranian military nuclear plant out of the picture.

Gen. Dan Halutz, Israel’s chief of staff and former air force commander, intentionally selected to be the first chief of staff to come from the air force, last week said there are several military means to deal with the problem.

Although his statement was somewhat vague, Halutz is known for his verbal restraint. Sources say he is certain the Israeli military machine would be as effective against the Iranian project as it was in 1981 against the Iraqi Ossiraq nuclear site.

Sources in Israel also believe public disclosures about the Israeli air force’s “anti-aircraft imaging unit” are significant. The Israel air force magazine re-published a story in December 2005 under the title: “Know Thy Enemy.” It dealt specifically with the anti-aircraft missile threat, which could be the major obstacle in taking out the Iranian system. The special unit’s existence was until recently classified as top secret.

Since 1996, the air force and the Rafael Weapons Development Authority have been jointly operating a unit of Soviet anti-aircraft systems similar to those in service in the Middle East. The unit, based on thorough knowledge of Russian-made systems, is instrumental in the training of Israeli air force fighter pilots on how to survive anti-aircraft and radar threats, sometimes thousands of kilometers away from base. The unit also operates weapon systems captured from Arab armies, undisclosed purchased equipment and secret computer developments of systems identical to anti-aircraft systems used by Iran, and even systems directly ordered by Iran from the Russians to protect their nuclear assets, G2 Bulletin reported.

The Israelis have also received help from former Soviet or Russian anti-aircraft officers who immigrated to Israel.

The air force also chose to reveal details of its cooperation with the Turkish air force including the deployment of Israeli fighter jets in Turkey and Turkish squadrons in Israel as part of a joint training program. Even Greece, which for years rejected any cooperation with Israel, recently announced its air force is also fully cooperating with the Israeli air force.

This cooperation with regional air forces, especially with Turkey, which borders Iran in the east, is highly significant when mentioned in uncensored air force publications, reports G2 Bulletin.

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