Editor’s note: Dr. Tom Snyder contributed to this column.

“Monday night’s Golden Globe Awards are becoming more irrelevant every year. All but one of the dramas nominated for the top movie awards, including critical favorite “Brokeback Mountain,” have earned less than $30 million at the box. In fact, “Brokeback Mountain,” the homosexual cowboy movie about lust and sodomy on the open range, barely crossed the $25 million mark Thursday, despite having been out in theaters for two months! That’s only 4 million tickets sold.

Only “Syriana” had broken into the Top 100 movies released in 2005 by this weekend! Even then, “Syriana” apparently will end up making far less than $50 million at the box office (it has made about $43 million so far). And, that’s much less than half what “The Pacifier” made, a family comedy starring Vin Diesel that hasn’t made it into any Top Ten lists, he pointed out. “The Pacifier” made more than $113 million last spring.

“Brokeback Mountain” is a politically correct piece of anti-family and anti-American propaganda aimed at poking a finger into the eye of the 128 million Christians who go to church every week. “Syriana” is a neo-Marxist, anti-American diatribe that tries to create sympathy for murderous Islamic terrorists.

American TV viewers should just turn off Monday night’s Golden ‘Grope’ Awards ceremony.

“Brokeback Mountain” deserves the 2005 Predatory Sex Abuser Award, but the real culprits are the 86 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who pick these politically correct turkeys and box-office losers and their co-conspirators – the secular pundits in the national news media and film critics for hyping the box-office numbers for “Brokeback Mountain.”

Very few of these pundits, critics or critic associations know anything about the major theories of criticism, art or acting, much less anything about politics, history, philosophy and religion. They are content to be willfully ignorant and blown around by the latest fashion. And, the fashion of the moment is “Brokeback Mountain” and intolerantly bashing America, conservatives and Christians.

The most relevant awards for people with common sense, faith and values will be presented at MOVIEGUIDE’s? 14th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, on March 2, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. These awards will include the Crystal Teddy Bear Awards, MOVIEGUIDE’s Best Family Movies, and Best Movies for Mature Audiences. Also among the awards will be the 10th annual $50,000 John Templeton Foundation Epiphany Prizes for Inspiring Movies & TV, the $50,000 Ware Foundation Libertas Prize for Promoting Positive American Values, the $25,000 Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays by First-Time Screenwriters, and the Grace Awards for Most Inspiring Performances in Movies & TV.

Also at this Gala event, the Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry will be reported. The Report to the Entertainment Industry analyzes Variety and Nielsen EDI financial numbers for the top movies at the box office and on home video during the past year. Year in and year out, the numbers show that family-friendly movies with traditional, biblical, pro-American, conservative and Christian values make far more money than “obscene,” “radical leftist,” anti-American, pro-homosexual and anti-Christian movies – like “Syriana” and “Brokeback Mountain” – with lots of foul language, sex, nudity and/or graphic violence.

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