Following a manslaughter case and two sexual assaults in League City, Texas, immigration authorities swept through the town, arresting 62 illegal aliens – and then hours later released all but two.

Sgt. Dan Krieger of the League City Police Department said the roundup was called for because of two sexual assault cases and a manslaughter case involving intoxication. One suspect police were hoping to find was Rigoberto Sanchez, a man believed to be responsible for a traffic accident in which four people were killed.

Kreiger said police also were looking for three men believed to be day laborers involved in the sex assaults.

None of them were found in the roundup Thursday.

Only two of the 62 people taken into custody remain there. According to Louisa Deason, spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, only those with outstanding criminal records or who were seen as a threat to the community were kept in custody. One had an assault charge and the other had an extensive criminal history in California, said Krieger.

“It’s a matter of setting a priority because we simply do not have enough beds to take them all into custody,” said Deason to the Galveston County Daily News. “We are looking for those with a warrant of deportation, sex offenders or (those who) pose a threat to the community,” she said. “Those are the ones we are interested in.”

Those not considered a threat or who were not wanted by law enforcement were released and told to get their immigration status worked out.

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