Hal Lindsey, WND columnist and the world’s most popular, living non-fiction author, will return to television on a new network with a new show following his departure from the Trinity Broadcasting Network earlier this month.

Lindsey’s new show, “The Hal Lindsey Report,” will begin airing on Sky Angel next month. In addition, Lindsey and his new network have agreed to cooperate on specials.

The new 30-minute show, like the old one on TBN, will focus on biblical prophecy and current events.

“I promise that with the Holy Spirit’s power, ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ will be even better and have greater impact,” said Lindsey. “It will remain politically incorrect, alternative news that is biblically correct.”

Lindsey had a conflict with TBN over his coverage and commentary of issues involving Islam. TBN wanted him to soften his views on Muslims, while Lindsey refused.

The show will air on Sky Angel’s direct-to-home satellite system on Angel One 9701 Sundays from 11 p.m. Eastern to 11:30. The first show is expected to air Feb. 5.

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