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Illegal Iraqis nabbed
trying to enter U.S.

Mexican officials say they’ve arrested four illegal-alien Iraqis trying to sneak across the border into the United States.

Acting on an anonymous tip, police found the four aliens on a bus in Navajoa, about 375 miles south of the Arizona border, Mexico’s attorney general’s office said.

Mexican immigration officials are investigating to try to determine how the Iraqis got into the country.

The Associated Press reports though many illegal-alien Iraqis have been captured in Mexican territory en route to the U.S. border, none has been found to have had any links to terrorism.

Meanwhile, recent developments indicate Mexican government officials are sometimes working on behalf of illegal aliens and drug smugglers, rather than against them.

The Mexican government over the weekend stated the U.S. Border Patrol had arrested a Mexican immigration official who was allegedly trying to help a group of illegals sneak into the United States. Francisco Javier Gutierrez was arrested at a checkpoint near Alamogordo, N.M., about 100 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, the Mexican Interior Department said in a news release.

As Worldnetdaily reported, last week Texas law enforcement officers and Border Patrol agents engaged in an armed standoff with Mexican military personnel just inside the United States along the Rio Grande. The Mexican soldiers were sporting mounted machine guns on their Humvees and apparently were assisting drug smugglers who were trying to bring marijuana across the border.

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