There’re some great perks in being a Christian – like knowing the God of the universe. Another is keeping a discouraged foe on the hook. Case in hand: liberalism and the Roberts-Alito confirmations.

In Roberts and Alito, Bush got what he requested and conservatives got what they wanted: a crime-fighting duo of young, bright, originalist justices able to slap down the court jesters who’ve lampooned American jurisprudence the last 50 years. The public trouncing of liberal Democrats in both Senate hearings was all but laughable. With the exception of a few Kennedy-types, most are ready to slink away from the fray. It was great political payback, to be sure, but the Christian community must not quit fighting for the U.S. Supreme Court. Not yet. We need to keep pounding away until we see “total court rebirth.”

Here’s my prayer list: Ginsburg – gone! Stevens, Souter, and Kennedy – gone! Installed in their place: God-fearing, Constitution-loving justices flanking Roberts on both right and left! There are four remaining liberal judges on the nation’s high court. That equates to four justices who are anti-life (in the name of choice), pro-perversion (in the name of privacy) and anti-American (in the name of progress). May God banish them from the court.

Let’s not be deceived. In Alito, we’ve wrested away the swing-vote, but apart from radical judicial change, the slaughter of unborn millions and the protection of vice and perversion will continue indefinitely. We need a complete reversal in the court’s balance of power, not a mere shift from the left.

With the hearings over, both sides of the political aisle are restricted to strategizing over the next court vacancy. The Christian community is not so bound. Our political endeavors need not be subject to time and fortune – our actions are not limited by a justice’s age, health or retirement. Others can only speculate about the court’s next vacancy, but we can pray to God for a vacancy. Let’s pray for an opening on the court now, while we have a president committed to appointing godly judges. While speculation may spark a conversation, believing prayer moves mountains:

God, in Jesus Name, destroy the hold which dark powers have had over much of our nation’s leaders. Bring down Your divine gavel upon those judges who have used their position of authority to exalt their will against You and against Your word.

Forgive us Lord, for the sanctioned slaughter of multiplied millions of innocent lives, and for the protection we’ve afforded perversity and ungodliness. Remove from power, oh Lord, those who hate You and have used their power to abolish Your name from the ears, minds and hearts of our nation’s children.

God, give us more justices who fear You and respect Your law. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

At present, politicians and special-interest groups have very limited options in affecting the course of the court. They wait for the next vacancy. The church, however, has power to affect the court through faith and prayer. Man’s plans for the court’s future are pea shooters compared to the musket of prayer held by the church. We need to fire it – now. Why? Because the “Bush window” (his time to appoint constitutionalist justices) won’t always be open.

Historically, failure to press one’s advantage in war often results in the reversal of fortune. If the English had pressed their attack of Washington at Brooklyn Heights in August 1776, we might well be eating crumpets at the cricket tourney this Sunday, not chomping on Doritos during the Super Bowl. Syria suffered defeat in the Yom Kippur War due, in part, to their failure to press their initial advantage over Israel.

Politically, liberalism is retreating, and Christians should be pursuing in prayer. After all, who’s to say the receding liberal tide isn’t, in actuality, a tidal drawback before a coming tsunami of godless leftism? The truth is, God (not Karl Rove) holds the key to America’s future – and He may, in His wisdom, allow liberals to return to power. If so, the freedoms of the church – and perhaps her very existence – may suffer tremendous onslaught. If, in the last few years, we’ve seen an erosion of our Christian liberties, how secure will our freedoms be should the likes of Howard Dean rise to power?

During a time of prayer in our church this past Sunday evening, we brought the various issues and needs of our country before the Lord, including thanks for judge Alito’s confirmation. Someone then asked God to replace a particular liberal judge on the court (I won’t mention her name) with a God-fearing one. It was a simple request, but a breath of enthusiasm entered the meeting.

As Christians, we need to press ahead, and “pray for those in authority, that we may lead a peaceable life” and protect our freedom to share the Gospel. Our nation is witnessing the beginning of a miracle – the restoration of sanity to the Supreme Court. The prayers of many people for many years are being answered. It’s certainly no time to slacken the attack.

When the Lord gave Joshua victory in the valley of Ajalon, Joshua took the battle to the furthest possible reaches. He gave the enemy no breathing room and seized the window of opportunity God had given his forces. He prayed for the sun and the moon to stand still that they might utterly rout the retreating foe.

With so many lives and souls on the line, is it too much to ask the Lord for another God-fearing justice (or two) on our high court? Encourage your pastor to lead the church in prayer, to give thanks for the recent Supreme Court appointments, and to ask God for a total rebirth of the court. Let’s remove some mountains from their places – and some more justices from the bench.

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