I wonder what America will look like, after the first wave of nuclear detonations in its major cities? Will the first be New York, where the third terrorist attempt turns out to be the charm? Or perhaps Washington, D.C., leaving the nation leaderless? Miami or another retirement community? Seattle, Portland or San Francisco – the nation’s high-tech powerhouses? Or maybe inland: Cows, cars, and government in Chicago, Detroit and Denver?

Will whoever assumes power capitulate to the demands that the United States become an Islamic state? Or will defiance bring another round of blasts? Where will all the Christians, Jews, homosexuals, feminists and other secularists be slaughtered as a sacrifice to Allah? Will cities in Europe and Australia be incinerated simultaneously? Or will the Islamists make an example out of America – or perhaps Australia first – in order to extort the maximum Danegeld from the professional appeasers here and in Europe?

I wonder how many of the “moderate” Muslims whom the mainlining press constantly assures us are even more distraught by the Islamists’ violence than we ourselves will demonstrate in the streets over the loss of Philadelphia? Will the death-row crowd speak out against the nightly beheadings on CNN? How many re-education camps will it take to retrain the nation’s American Civl Liberites Union attorneys in sharia law?

How many cities will be destroyed? As many as it takes to break the nation’s will. By then it will be too late, of course, to take decisive action. Medical supplies don’t move on a destroyed infrastructure. Food doesn’t grow in the supermarket. The high-minded treasonists saving America from the NSA have alerted the nukoterrorists that Uncle Sam is listening. Now he no longer can. Thank you, New York Times and the Sulzberger family. You really got those Bush boys good this time. Nice use of $40 billion in taxpayer money to puff up your pride, Punch baby. You’re a real hero.

The press and the Democrats have taken a war that could maybe, just maybe, have been fought by the nation’s intelligence services over here and our elite military forces overseas, and turned it into a street brawl. A nuclear Iran means nuclear weapons in the hands of Islamic terrorists. That means the end of civilization.

Islam has proven itself incapable of routing the evil that has grown within it. The inescapable conclusion is that “moderate” Muslims support the goals of the terrorists to present a single world in submission to Allah. The West now faces a moral imperative that goes beyond the destruction of terrorist-aligned Islamic states, to the destruction of Islam itself.

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