A poll released today shows 70 percent of American evangelical Christians see global warming as a “serious threat” to the future of the planet.

Conducted by Ellison Research, the survey indicates a majority of evangelicals agree with 85 Christian leaders who signed an Evangelical Climate Initiative unveiled Feb. 8 that calls for government action to deal with so-called global warming. The initiative includes a campaign of newspaper, TV and radio ads.

Signers of the initiative include, among others, Rick Warren, pastor and author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” Rich Stearns, president of World Vision, Commissioner Todd Bassett, national commander of The Salvation Army, and David Neff, executive editor of Christianity Today.

The purpose of the initiative is to “encourage action by evangelical Christians and all Americans to make life changes necessary to help solve the global warming crisis, and to advance legislation that will limit emissions, while respecting economic and business concerns.”

According to a statement, the poll included the following results:

  • 95 percent of evangelical respondents agreed that “God gave us dominion over His creation, so we have a responsibility to care for it.”

  • 84 percent of evangelicals agreed that reducing pollution is a form of obedience to the biblical command to love your neighbor.

  • 92 percent agreed that “in the long run, it will be cheaper to protect the environment now than to fix it later.”

  • 95 percent agreed that “a healthy environment helps to keep your family healthy.”

  • 51 percent said the U.S. should take steps to address global warming, even if there is a high economic cost.

Also, the poll found that two-thirds of evangelicals are either completely or mostly convinced that global warming is actually taking place.

The survey is accurate to within plus-or-minus 3.1 percentage points with a 95 percent confidence level. Funded by the Evangelical Environmental Network, the poll took place in September.

Not all Christians are pleased with the Evangelical Climate Initiative. In a column this week at the Christian Worldview Network, Brannon Howse claims the initiative “is being funded by pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, globalist foundations.”

Howse notes the group’s efforts are being financed by organizations such as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Hewlett Foundation.

Wrote the columnist: “The Rockefeller Brother’s Fund has given grants to such radical environmental groups as Greenpeace. Let’s not forget that it was the Rockefellers that donated the land and formed the United Nations.

“According to a press release by the pro-life group Human Life International, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund supports many anti-Christian ideals and organizations including the United Nation’s Millennium Peace Summit.”

Howse also points out the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation approved a grant of $600,000 to International Planned Parenthood Foundation to provide “sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.”

WND found and editor Joseph Farah slammed the group of 85 in a column today, saying the leaders should make sure they’re not some of the ones Christ will ultimately reject, as He predicted in the book of Matthew: “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Writes Farah: “Before attempting to work out the salvation of the world by government force, maybe these folks, too, should be certain they work out their own personal salvation with fear and trembling.

“I’m not the judge of where they will spend eternity. But I do know they are about the business of making earth a living hell.”

Columnist Cal Thomas wrote this week: “If evangelicals make the environment another ’cause,’ they are likely to be as frustrated and disappointed as when they exercised misplaced faith in politics to cure other social evils. Should they desire a real effect on the planet, let them return to the eternal message that has been given them to share with a world that needs it now more than ever.”

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