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The Boston Globe: Pimping for 'gays'

An open letter to Helen Donovan, editor of the Globe on its article “Gay principals soon take helm at both Newton high schools.”

Dear Helen:

Under your supervision – or that of another of the homosexuality marketeers now running the Globe – we got this latest little goodie:

“Jennifer Price, 34, is a doctoral student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education who lives in Newton with her spouse and their two young children. She takes over at Newton North High School in July.”

Now, Helen, you’re not intentionally avoiding a franker use of English just so the precipitously declining readership of this once great newspaper won’t be confronted with the sheer absurdity of this propaganda, are you? Why not simply write “her wife“?

The word “spouse” is really only used when one does not know or is not willing to reveal the gender, or when referring to a mixed-gender group. That is not the case here, Helen, so what are you hiding? Get on with the revolution, girl! Good little Globe journalists have a job to do and that is to push the deconstruction of Western Civilization forward – at whatever monstrous expense to helpless children.

That imperative is precisely why the Globe has never run an honest article on the far greater prevalence of molestation of children by homosexuals – including lesbians – or an honest article on the statistical near non-existence of “stable” male homosexual relationships, especially of the monogamous kind. “Salzer and his partner of 11 years, Carlos Schillaci …” Yeah? Well, have we not learned yet how many homosexual activists are faking these 9-year, 11-year and 16-year relationships when asked? “Eleven years” sure sounds a whole lot better than the truth – and it also serves that central purpose of dispelling obsolete moral and pragmatic considerations about homosexuality.

In today’s Orwellian Globe, where glamorizing the Golden Age of Sodomy is job one, no quote from a homosexual is ever treated with professional objectivity. Yet, anything spoken by a politically incorrect “homophobe” is treated with contempt or suspicion. That’s not journalism, Helen, is it?

Any academic who has tried to study male homosexual “couples” or has even read studies on them knows very well that the numbers of them that survive five years as a “couple” are so minute that they cannot be combined into statistically useful groups for demographic and sociological research. You’ve been conned. Right? No, actually, you haven’t. You’ve had this very conversation with your fellow lesbians a thousand times about the embarrassing sexual incontinence of most male homosexuals, right?

So, let’s place a public bet. Check up on your subjects Brian Salzer and “his partner of 11 years,” Carlos Schillaci, in two more years. Come on. I’ll bet you your career the charade will be over. There will be some other pretty face to call “spouse.”

And dare I ask how long we have to keep playing along, pretending that honest-to-goodness monogamy is part of the stable gay-couple scam? Homosexuality has a known pedigree over 3,000 years old. The Globe’s faux-naive political bedtime storytelling routinely contradicts everything that homosexuals and heterosexuals have ever learned about homosexuality. Not all of us confine our reading to the pages of Boston’s second-best gay newspaper. (Yes, you’re No 2. Bay Windows is actually often more honest and objective than you guys at the Globe are. Their bias is out of the closet.)

And domestic abuse by lesbians is legendary – among lesbians – and amply documented. But not in your Boston Globe. That would be journalism. If “fundamentalist” Protestants or conservative Catholics had that kind of baggage, you’d be milking that day and night. Are we on the same page, Helen? Nor has the Globe ever treated its last few, gullible readers to an honest exploration of the arguments and evidence that would compel responsible persons not to subject any child to a pseudo-family in which they are intentionally deprived of either motherhood or fatherhood. Wow!

Incredible, is it not, that literate, “educated” people – with no thought, no discussion, no reference to research on child psychology going back generations, at least to Freud – would blithely dismiss the self-evident desire and need of every human child to love and be loved by his mother and his father. What kind of people treat human children as laboratory rats and claim moral superiority for so doing?

Oh, I know your Globe won’t publish word one of this letter. This is not your grandfather’s Boston Globe. Soviet-like silencing of dissent is fundamental to spreading false enlightenment and sustaining any revolution. Your lock-step journalists are just doing their jobs. If they did real journalism on homosexuality they’d be fired. They know that. Hey, you don’t hire and promote folks with conventional values and morals at the Globe – no more than the New York Times or the Newton Public Schools would.

Yeah, it just happens by accident that both of the “best qualified” applicants for Newton’s principal’s jobs are homosexuals, though that demographic category represents between 1.5 and 5 percent of the population, depending on whom you ask. The relentless march of “meritocracy.” Just coincidentally, people with real backbone and professional ethics fail your “merit” test. So you have to hire militant homosexuals. Let the games begin, and may the best homosexual win.

And did you just forget to alert readers that Newton pupils have endured a Soviet-style life-size mural of teenage lesbians holding hands –and a book called “Romea and Juliet”? And that they were assigned a book with man-boy and boy-dog sex? Oh, and anal sex between boys, male and female masturbation with a hot dog? (Here’s a reminder, Helen.) Of course you forgot. You guys sure know how to run a revolution.

Yeah, yeah, I know. There is no “You Guys.” Once again, it’s just pure chance that most of the senior “editors” at the Globe – and also on the varsity team down at the New York Times – are homosexual activists. And they put out “newspapers” that are no less objective about their favorite topics than Osama bin Laden is about his. Just honest, fair-minded professionals. Good work, Helen. There’s a new kind of Jim Crow apartheid bigotry in America today, and you’re part of it.

John Haskins is a commentator and associate director of the Parents’ Rights Coalition.