For people still suffering from Oscar fatigue today a new book may be just the remedy.

Following up on her best-selling work “Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed,” Katharine DeBrecht’s sequel, “Help! Mom! Hollywood’s in My Hamper,” is officially released today.

In fact, the satire was hand-delivered to some 200 of Hollywood’s brightest stars in Oscar party gift bags at a black-tie gala.

The illustrated book features satirical look-a-likes resembling outspoken celebrities including Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Madonna, Britney Spears, Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise. It tells the story of Janie and Sam, two girls who were happy just being kids until Hollywood stars pop out of their hamper to tell them how to behave and to sell them expensive trinkets.

“Know-it-all liberal celebrities are never at a loss for telling people how to live, what to buy and how to vote,” says DeBrecht, a captain of South Carolina’s “Security Moms for Bush” and a mother of three. “Children need to understand that just because these people show up on television and in the movies doesn’t mean they know what’s best for the rest of America.”

DeBrecht’s latest book is the highly anticipated sequel to her surprise hit from last fall. The book, first sold at WND, soared to No. 1 on Barnes & Noble’s website but drew fiery criticism for its portrayal of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy as cartoon villains who tax and regulate a lemonade stand.

“Since I don’t think that I’ll ever receive an invitation to the Academy Awards, I’m thrilled that my book was handed out at a major Oscar party,” laughs DeBrecht. “With Hollywood choosing to ignore family-friendly movies and instead honor films about gay cowboys, sympathetic terrorists, and – of course – McCarthyism, I doubt that I’ll be asked walk down the red carpet with a copy of ‘Help Mom’ anytime soon.”

The purpose of the book, says the author, is to help parents teach their kids about traditional values. It’s also intended as a humorous read for adults.

The first book added a new phrase to the American lexicon – “Help! Mom!”

In October, the congressional newspaper the Hill quoted Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Philippe Reines as dismissing the book, which also features look-alikes of fellow liberal icons Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. Reines was quoted as saying, “[I] can’t wait for the sequel, ‘Help! Mom! I Can’t Read This Book Because Republicans Have Cut Literacy Programs!'”

“It’s ironic that Hillary’s press secretary would call for more government intrusion into our lives while bashing my book,” said DeBrecht. “Who needs parents when you’ve got bureaucrats in the Department of Education taking care of our kids? Evidently Hillary thinks it takes a village to teach a child to read!”

The month before, radio giant Rush Limbaugh praised the book, stating that Ron Reagan – whom he referred to as an “MSNBC quasi-host” – scolded DeBrecht on his cable television show, and that Alan Colmes, the liberal co-host of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes,” claimed her book existed for the purpose of brainwashing.

“Once again, we find conservatives able to be totally honest about who liberals are,” said Limbaugh, praising DeBrecht for her observation that liberals oppose religion, traditional families and the free market because those institutions are obstacles to eliminating personal responsibility and establishing a welfare state. “And I’m telling you, the liberals cringe – they go ape! – when you dare be honest about them. They call it an attack!”

“Our hat is off here to Katharine DeBrecht, the author of ‘Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed,'” concluded Limbaugh.

Order “Help! Mom! Hollywood’s in My Hamper”

Order “Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed”

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