Does the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People regard the Academy Award for Best Original Song to “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp” – and the frenzied behavior of its recipients – as any kind of advancement of colored people?

Is prostitution anything to be laughed at and cheered, as did these unusually gross and moral midgets who voted for an award to them?

More appalling, of course, were the three awards to what Page 1 of the Washington Post so delicately described as “the ranchhands-in-love story”!

That “Brokeback Mountain” won three Oscars for its romanticizing of sodomy – one of our nation’s most extensive and deadly health hazards – raises the inevitable question: When will Hollywood so glorify bestiality as it has sodomy?

And will it involve a horse, or a female version of Rin Tin Tin?

“Brokeback” director Ang Lee’s acceptance speech of his Oscar included the following astounding contention: The movie was not just about a homosexual affair, but “the greatness of love itself.”

When will Mr. Lee direct a film glorifying the heart-wrenching love of a sadist as he beats a masochist?

But back to that Oscar for the incredibly loud group called “Three 6 Mafia” – of whom emcee Jon Stewart said: “Things just got for easier for a pimp – that’s how you accept an Oscar!”

And speaking of prostitution, just under the Washington Post’s Page 1 tribute to the awards for prostitution and sodomy was an article dealing with juvenile sex rings. Excerpts:

  • “The teenagers testified for hour after agonizing hour about their months of prostitution … They performed sex acts with men in cheap motel rooms, alleys and the back seats of cars, they said.”

  • “Every dollar she and her ‘stable sisters’ earned, she said, was turned over to the sometimes loving, often brutal man they were told to call ‘Daddy.’ Jaron R. Brice, 27, of Northeast Washington, was convicted last week of sex trafficking of a minor, transporting prostitutes across state lines, pandering and child sexual abuse – a litany of federal charges that probably will land him in prison for decades.”

  • “Carlos Curtis, will be sentenced March 17. He could face life in prison for prostituting a 12-year-old runaway he recruited from New York.”

But at Hollywood’s Academy Awards, one of these awards went to a group which celebrated prostitution.

At Monday afternoon’s daily White House news briefing, I questioned presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan:

WND: Did the president watch any of the Academy Awards for prostitution and sodomy last night?

McCLELLAN: I’m not aware he caught any of it. I don’t know what you’re referring to, either. Les, I’m going to move on.

WND: Just one other —

McCLELLAN: I’m not going to dignify any more with a response.

With that, I was cut off from any more questions about what so many millions of Americans had seen the previous evening – whose pro-prostitution and pro-sodomy awards simply must have been known to Scott.

Maybe if the president and his press secretary were willing to take a stand on this, the president’s poll ratings would not be so low.

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