Lame duck George W. Bush obviously has no care for how his party performs in the 2008 presidential election.

But he has a little more time to consider his own fate in the 2006 mid-term congressional elections.

Oh, it won’t make any difference whether Republicans or Democrats are elected this fall to the rest of us. After all, with Republicans in charge of Congress and the White House for the last six years, spending has increased way beyond anything we imagined during President Clinton’s eight years in office.

Republicans have also shown that they don’t really care more about national security than their Democratic opponents. Just look at our still-unguarded borders and reflect on the plan to turn over port operations to the Islamists in the United Arab Emirates.

So, as far as I am concerned, I don’t have a dog in this race. Republicans have so badly mangled any opportunity they had to show the American people a distinction between the two parties that I’m at the point where I wish for a plague on both their houses.

But Bush should care.


Because his legacy is at stake.

In fact, his presidency is at stake.

I’m going to make a prediction, and I don’t think I’m out on a limb on this one.

If the Democrats win the House and Senate this fall – which appears to be a distinct possibility with Bush’s 38 percent approval rating – then Bush will be impeached in 2007.

I don’t know what the grounds will be. Take your pick. The Democrats will find something – or invent something.

They will take revenge on the Republicans for the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

There is not a doubt in my mind. And, unlike the Republicans, if the Democrats control the Senate, Bush is no longer a lame duck – he’s a dead duck.

And I for one won’t lift a finger to defend him – even against charges that may be as bogus as a Jimmy Carter dollar bill.

While the Democrats will impeach Bush for the wrong reasons, I can’t deny that in a righteous country that honored and lived up to its Constitution, Bush would surely deserve to be impeached.

In essence, he has been something we haven’t seen in American politics for a long time – a kind of absentee president.

His failure to exercise a single veto in six years in office is perhaps the gravest indictment of his lack of leadership.

I’ll never forget the first time I ever met George W. Bush. He was speaking to a relatively small but friendly crowd when he was asked a softball question: “Governor Bush, what will you do as president if a clearly unconstitutional bill arrives on your desk?”

Bush’s unbelievable response was: “How will I know if it’s unconstitutional?”

That was it for me. I vowed not to vote for Bush in 2000, even though he was running against a man I truly feared and have described as a fool and a demagogue – Al Gore. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Bush over Gore, even though I had personally been harassed and persecuted by the White House during his reign as vice president. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Bush in 2000, even though I knew his opponent to be a cheap crook.

Yet, some astute observers attributed Bush’s victory over Gore to the latter’s failure to win his home state of Tennessee, where an 18-part WND investigative series on his corrupt antics was widely reprinted and reported and talked about on radio shows. While Gore was clearly unworthy of the White House, I take little pride today in any role our expose played in benefiting Bush – despite the fact that the series resulted in a $165 million lawsuit against my own company – one we are still battling six years later.

If anyone were truly hoping to be proved wrong about George W. Bush, it was me.

Unfortunately, my initial assessment was right.

And while I did endorse him in 2004, it was strictly out of sympathy with the Swiftboat Vets and their righteous and successful bid to deny John Kerry, a traitor to his country, the White House. I make no apologies about that decision.

Bush’s success has largely been due to the total unworthiness and unfitness of his opponents.

Unless he miraculously changes his governing style in the next six months and wins back the American people, he had better hope they are not up to the task of impeaching him. Because that is what’s coming if the Democrats win big in November – as it appears they will.

Important postscript about Al Gore and WorldNetDaily:

Back in the presidential election year of 2000, WND set out to give the nation a small taste of the widespread, institutionalized political corruption that spawned the career of Al Gore.

The result was a monumental 18-part series that some Tennessee observers credited with costing the vice president his home state and the electoral votes he needed to win the presidency regardless of the controversy in the state of Florida.

But it was also a costly series for this news organization.

For the last five years, WorldNetDaily has been defending itself, at great cost, against a $165 million defamation lawsuit filed by Gore’s top fund-raiser in the state, auto dealer Clark Jones.

Jones, who had raised more than $100,000 for Gore’s campaign and, sources say, frequently bragged to other Tennessee businessmen about his close links to Gore, was reportedly humiliated by Gore’s loss of his home state, which cost Gore the election.

“I don’t think it’s an accident that the No. 1 independent Internet newssite was targeted by powerful and wealthy friends of the losing presidential candidate – and that the suit pertained to an investigative series that may well have cost that candidate the Electoral College votes he needed for victory,” I said at the time. I stand by that comment today.

Understand that this lawsuit would be dropped in a flat second if Al Gore wanted it to be dropped. Understand also that WND did nothing wrong and libeled no one in the publication of this exhaustive series.

Nevertheless, as this costly lawsuit continues, our only recourse is to fight it every step of the way. If you would like to help us offset the enormous legal costs involved in the defense of this high-profile First-Amendment case, you may make a donation online to WND’s Legal Defense Fund, or by calling WND toll-free at 1-800-4WNDCOM, or by mailing a check – made payable to WorldNetDaily Legal Defense Fund – to:, Inc.

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