Margaret “Peggy” Campbell of Jupiter Farms, Fla., was killed when her car was struck by a pickup truck carrying 5 suspected illegal aliens

Deportation to Mexico is possible, if not likely, for five illegal aliens involved in a fatal traffic crash this week that claimed the life of a popular school principal in South Florida.

But authorities say the driver of the pickup truck that purportedly ran a red light and slammed into Margaret “Peggy” Campbell’s car may have to first serve prison time in the U.S. if convicted in connection with the accident.

Carlos Mejia, 30, was at the wheel of a Dodge Ram which was carrying four other unlawful entrants into the U.S., and federal officials are now trying to determine if any of them had been deported previously from the country.

All are being held at the Krome Detention Center in Miami-Dade County awaiting deportation proceedings.

Campbell, 62, of Jupiter Farms, Fla., was the first and only principal at Western Pines Community Middle School, in suburban West Palm Beach since it opened its doors nine years ago.

Her family and friends are still in mourning as they make funeral arrangements.

“The only solace we have is we believe it was an instantaneous thing,” Campbell’s son, Jason, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “She passed away doing exactly what she loved. She was on her way to work.”

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