America’s enemies are organized, well-funded and conspire together to take away your freedoms, claims a new book by a veteran defense intelligence operative.

In “Radical Road Maps: Untangling the Web of Connections Among Far-Left Groups in America,” James Hansen dissects 29 such organizations and reveals their interlocking connections, their goals, how they operate, why they have been so successful and how they impact American politics and culture.

Employing analytical intelligence techniques and diagrams that seek to clarify the web of connections to expose the radical core, military intelligence expert Hansen helps pave the way for a counteroffensive against what he sees as an anti-American con job.

David Horowitz, former leftist and best-selling author, has this to say about “Radical Road Maps”: James Hansen has written a much-needed guide to the fifth-column Left, which wants America to lose the war on terror and will do everything in its power to help the terrorists to win.”

“In an era of peace, these aberrant affiliations seem harmless; but in the age of terrorism, these groups become an unwitting – and often more witting – propaganda tool and fifth column for terrorists seeking to mollify and then destroy Western freedoms,” says Elizabeth Bancroft, executive director of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. “An important reminder of how easily dissent can become malignantly distorted, metastasize, and kill its host.”

“Radical Road Maps” is a handbook designed to help Americans understand how extremist groups are penetrating every element of society. By understanding each group’s philosophy, techniques and overall effectiveness, citizens will be equipped to make educated decisions at the ballot box and in everyday life.

Hansen worked for more than 30 years as an operations officers and analyst for the CIA and as a senior official in the Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence office. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he is the author of “Correlation of Forces: Four Decades of Soviet Military Development and Japanese Intelligence: The Competitive Edge.”

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