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Big-chested dancer sues Billy Joel musical

Dancer and actress Alice Alyse

MIAMI – A large-breasted dancer and actress in the Billy Joel Broadway musical “Movin’ Out” is now suing the production for $100 million, claiming humiliation and sexual harassment.

Represented by Larry Klayman, the attorney who filed numerous lawsuits against the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Alice Alyse of Miami claims she was repeatedly humiliated and intimidated by the show’s stage manager about an increase in the size of her breasts, which required alterations to her costumes.

“It should not be acceptable for any employee at any job to be sexually harassed, discriminated against, humiliated, made to perform injured, be made an example of to scare others, threatened, treated differently or made to work in a hostile workplace environment,” Alyse said.

In her complaint, which does not name Billy Joel as a defendant, Alyse says much of the alleged harassment came from production stage manager Eric Sprosty, who purportedly made numerous comments about the size of Alyse’s chest, which naturally increased from a size C to a D after Alyse had suffered a toe injury.

Some of the comments allegedly included:

“Your boobs are (expletive) huge! We have to change all of your costumes!”

“We hired you at a size C and now you’re a (expletive) D! You have to lose them now!”

Alyse, who is in her 20s, also claims she was forced to undress each evening, while changing costumes, in open areas where even members of the audience could see her naked, off stage.

Additionally, because of Sprosty’s alleged repeated comments, the dancer claims she became the subject of jokes and ridicule, and other male dancers in the cast would grab her breasts during performances, “thinking this was funny, or for whatever other inappropriate reason.”

The lawsuit was filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court against the show’s owners and managers, including famed choreographer Twyla Tharp.

The entire complaint can be read here, in .pdf format. Warning: Contains obscene language

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