There’s an interesting article in the latest issue of Archaeology magazine.

It’s called “Hitler’s Willing Archaeologists.”

It demonstrates the way Adolf Hitler’s SS not only embraced evolutionary theory, but sought to manipulate fossil discoveries to bolster its case for a master race.

While the article, by Heather Pringle, author of “The Master Plan,” focuses on Nazi archaeologists’ efforts to show that Germans were direct descendants of the first men to use tools and make weapons, it also illustrates how the genocidal mania of Hitler could only be built on a foundation of evolution.

Pringle tells the story of the way Hitler’s “scientists” began with a theory and then searched for evidence to validate that theory – ignoring evidence that contradicted it.

In other words, his pseudo-scientists were “in the business of mythmaking.”

“Its (Germany’s) prominent researchers devoted themselves to distorting the truth and churning out carefully tailored evidence to support the ideas of Adolf Hitler, who believed that only the Aryans – a fictional ‘Nordic’ race of tall, flaxen-haired men and women from northern Europe – possessed the genius needed to create civilization,” she wrote.

It got me to thinking – how much have things really changed?

When we teach evolution as fact to our children, are we not telling them that they are the product of sheer accident? Are we not telling them they are not God’s children? Are we not telling them racial characteristics and traits could indeed have meaning deeper than skin color?

Whenever I raise this issue of evolution and the way it is taught so dogmatically today in the U.S., I am always accused of wanting to ignore science.

But, again, science is the art of the provable. And no one has ever or could ever prove macro-evolution. It is not observable; therefore, it must remain a theory.

Frankly, since we have never observed macro-evolution – the changing of one species to another – and since it is counterintuitive to all we do know about the way animals adapt to their environments, it should be taught with absolute caution.

Yet, it is not only taught as fact in today’s biology and anatomy classrooms, we often manipulate the facts to bolster it the same way Hitler’s evolutionists did.

Some, of course, will suggest there is nothing about evolution that contradicts faith in God.

I disagree.

While I am sure there are many evolutionists who believe God used this method to create man, it is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – it is not the God of Israel, it is not the God of the Bible.

The God of the Bible revealed His creation story to us. It is not compatible with the idea of millions and millions of years of death and extinction. The God of the Bible tells us He created a perfect world that remained that way until sin entered it.

If there was not a Garden of Eden, if there was not temptation, if there was no original sin, then there is no reason for Jesus to enter the world, preach His gospel, die on the cross and be resurrected.

It’s that fundamental. Do the Christians who embrace evolution suggest that God lied about Creation? If He would lie about Creation, why should we believe Him when it comes to redemption? If the Creation story is simply a metaphor, why does the Bible provide detailed genealogical records leading from Adam to the births of the patriarchs – and to Jesus Himself?

No, there is a fundamental contradiction between the evolutionary theories that led directly to Hitler and Stalin and Mao and the Creation story that leads believers to the conclusion that we are all part of God’s Creation. There are no mistakes. There are no throwaways. There are no do-overs.

If we continue to preach this gospel of evolution to our children, it is inevitable that we will have no more success with it than did Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It leads inexorably in one direction – death, genocide, oppression, darkness, murder.

I don’t expect atheists to disavow evolution. It is the only faith they have. But it is long overdue that Christians reject it as a malodorous, filthy, contemptuous lie from the pit of hell.

After all, where else but hell could Hitler get his inspiration?

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