Everybody is surprised by the size of the recent demonstrations against legislation to do something about illegal immigration in this country.

Why should we be surprised that rallies in Chicago and L.A. are drawing 500,000 people?

There are at least 12 million illegal aliens in this country – 12 million illegal invaders, lawbreakers, people who broke into our country, defied the rules about legal entry, many of them taking up permanent residency and taking full advantage of free services designed for taxpaying citizens.

Is it a surprise to Americans that there are at least 12 million illegal aliens? Is it a surprise that they would not want to leave this country? Is it a surprise that they are now exercising their numerical clout?

There may well be 20 million illegals here – and these big demonstrations suggest the numbers may be downplayed by Washington officials and bureaucrats who have turned a blind eye to border control efforts for 35 years.

Believe me, I am much angrier at the Washington politicians who let this happen to our country than I am at the illegal aliens who, in many cases, were virtually welcomed into America by the highest officials in the land.

President Bush has said repeatedly we need these illegal foreign workers because Americans are too fat and lazy to do the hard work these people will do. It’s an insult to everyone involved – from American young people who are told they have no work ethic to the migrants who can be exploited by big business.

The purpose of these demonstrations is to call the bluff of those in Washington who are finally getting serious about law enforcement and national security. These illegals demonstrating in the streets are upping the ante. They are talking about civil disturbances, riots, revolution.

I don’t understand why so many people are looking at the size of these demonstrations with shock. Where do these people live? Don’t they see what illegal immigration is doing to virtually every community in America? Why are they so surprised these people are here and want to stay?

There’s going to be a day of reckoning soon, and George Bush will have to look at himself in the mirror as ask: Was all this worth a little cheap labor for my billionaire friends? Was it worth creating a kind of Palestinian state in the making right here inside the United States – one that will haunt our country for generations to come? Was it worth subverting the will of the people and the rule of law to allow the cultural disintegration of America?

Let me make a sad prediction: There’s going to be violence in this country because of the open immigration policies of recent years. There’s going to be bloodshed. It is inevitable. The idiots in Washington may have set the stage for a civil war in this country. Our cities are, as anyone can see now, teeming with illegal aliens with a sense of entitlement. They don’t just want to stay, they want and expect the keys to the city – the keys, in fact, to the country.

And because 12 million to 20 million people are not going to walk out of this country willingly, there are going to be some weak-kneed politicians buckling under the pressure of these massive demonstrations and what they might foretell about the future.

Remember this: The very future of American freedom is at stake – nothing less. America’s a big country, but it cannot absorb 20 million invaders or even 12 million.

Notice how these people are not asking for a favor, they are demanding their “right” to stay in a country they violated with their first act.

People who break into my house have no right to stay. And people who break into my country don’t either.

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