The American people got shafted in 2000 and 2004 with some rotten political choices.

In fact, the American people get shafted with rotten political choices all the time – choices called Democrats and Republicans.

There are some people gearing up to ensure that your choices in 2008 are just as rotten as they have been since about 1988.

We all know who the leading Democratic candidate for president is – Hillary Clinton.

But do you know who the leading Republican candidate is as of this moment?

By some reckonings, it is Rudy Giuliani.

No, the smart money has long suggested that Giuliani is incapable of winning the Republican nomination for the presidency because of his hideous positions on homosexuality and abortion. But it appears Giuliani is aware of this weakness and is attempting to hoodwink American evangelicals the way Bill Clinton did.

As Andrew Sullivan put it, “If Rudy is talking Jesus, he’s going to run.”

And, boy, is he ever talking the talk.

Rudy Giuliani in drag

Now, before I tell you what he said, and to whom he said it, let me first introduce to you the real Rudy Giuliani.

Is America really ready for a drag-queen president?

Can America survive another obnoxious phony baloney masquerading as one thing and governing as another?

Will Republicans be fooled again and nominate a candidate who favors unrestricted abortion on demand?

Should we expect the Grand Old Party to become the Gay Old Party in 2008 and put its stamp of approval on a guy 100 percent committed to the homosexual activist agenda?

No that photo you’re seeing has not been retouched. It really is Rudy Giuliani made up in a blond wig and pink dress in a spoof of “Victor-Victoria” for the 1997 Inner Circle dinner. He followed that up with more cross-dressing antics on “Saturday Night Live.” Then in 2001, he agreed to appear in drag in an episode of “Queer As Folk.”

Is it possible that Giuliani could survive all this to become the Republican nominee for the presidency in 2008?

He’s going to try. And his strategy for overcoming his past is to reach out to Christians – pretending, quite frankly, that he is one.

Back in January, Giuliani was invited to speak to the Global Pastors Network in Orlando – an evangelical group determined to establish 5 million new churches around the world in the next decade to fulfill the Great Commission.

Suddenly, before this audience, Giuliani was transformed into a man of faith.

Asked if he was running for president, he said: “Only God knows. I’ll know better in a year whether I can fully commit to that process.” Notice he said “fully commit,” which suggests he is already partially committed.

The pastors unwisely said they’d pray for him. I hope they meant that they would pray for his conversion, pray that he would renounce his sins, pray that he would not run for president, pray that he would not win. But I have no such confidence in foolish evangelicals who are too easily seduced by worldly power politics.

Giuliani’s response: “I appreciate you. I can tell you from my heart how much I appreciate what you are doing: saving people, telling them about Jesus Christ and bringing them to God.”

Excuse me, shouldn’t a man with Giuliani’s record be kicked out of the church? Again, I’m all for praying for his salvation, but does anyone really believe Giuliani is a sincere follower of Jesus Christ? Shame on any professing Christian who doesn’t have sufficient discernment to see through this charade.

Guess what, folks: If you fall for this self-serving hokum, you will have only yourself to blame for your poor political choices in 2008.

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