Jerusalem – the eternal city, the holy city.

It has a special significance in the hearts and souls of Christians and Jews worldwide.

The Bible says God will bless those who bless the city and curse those who curse it.

The Bible instructs believers to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

What better way to keep the city in our thoughts and prayers than with the device that reminds you of its direction – no matter where you are.

That’s what the Jerusalem Compass is all about.

It not only keeps you closer to the city of God’s eye, it’s a conversation piece for people of faith.

The Jerusalem Kosher Compass is already pre-calibrated for the continental United States so it will be ready to use immediately. Traveling to Paris, London, Bangkok, Mexico City? Not a problem. For world travelers, over a dozen of the most frequently used national/international city zone settings are conveniently accessible on the inside of the brass cover.

This distinctive compass also functions as a key chain.

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Order your Jerusalem Compass now!

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