As the weather heats this spring, you are sure to hear more from Al Gore and the global-warming zealots.

It’s inevitable.

It’s predictable.

It’s like clockwork.

These hysteria mongers know better than preach doom and gloom about a warmer planet when most people are bundling up against the cold.

But, any day now, mark my words, Al Gore will hold a press conference exhorting us all to change our evil industrial ways.

Thank goodness at least one scientist has done his homework on this issue, demonstrating oh, so clearly, that all this global-warming rhetoric is just so much hot air.

I’m talking about Bob Carter. In case you missed his excellent piece in the London Telegraph earlier this week, it’s worth reviewing the key point – global temperatures have not increased at all in the last eight years.

Did you hear what I said?

With all the talk about global warming being the result of industrialization and urbanization, the last eight years have been free of any evidence of that whatsoever.

What would Al Gore have to say about this?

Obviously, his answer would be that one eight-year period is much too short to form any judgments about a long-term global warming trend. And he’d be right. Except that he and his hysterical colleagues and fellow activists don’t follow that logic themselves. In fact, they base their own dire global-warming fantasies about one 28-year period of warming between 1970 and 1998.

Why is that period so meaningful and the latter period irrelevant?

And further, Carter asks, why is another period of warming, between 1918 and 1940, dismissed as not significant by the same activists?

They don’t like to point to that period as evidence of industrialization’s impact on the climate because it occurred prior to the biggest phase of industrialization in the world that began just as that trend was ending.

Carter, by the way, is a geologist at James Cook University with a specialty in paleoclimate research.

Why does he see things so differently than many of his colleagues in academia?

It could be because he, unlike so many of them, is not vying for government grants to continue his work. That’s the dirty little secret of this global-warming scam – that you have to follow the money trail to understand what’s driving the pseudo-science. Government, of course, has a vested interest in control of the population. Government thrives on crises – both real and manufactured. Government seizes power when priorities are reordered on the basis of “emergencies.” And government money is fueling the global-warming frenzy.

But just remember what Professor Bob Carter told us this spring. Keep it in mind as the weather gets warmer. Because you are sure to begin hearing more from the Al “Chicken Little” Gores, again, shortly.

Not only was there no increase in temperature measured globally over the last eight years, there was actually a slight decrease measured – though nothing of consequence.

And that’s just the point.

The global-warming lobby is trying to turn the world upside down on the basis of trumped-up evidence, which amounts to no real evidence at all.

These are facts you are not likely to read in the “official” press. These are not facts you will see reported in “the newspaper of record,” the New York Times. You are not likely to hear any of this reported by the three major networks – the ones I call “CBS, ABS or NBS.”

Now we can say it definitively – there is no global warming.

Even if temperatures rise this year or next year, they have not risen since 1998.

The hoax is over.

The scam is finished.

The shakedown is off.

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