Presidential press secretary Scott McClellan today affirmed that the White House Easter Egg Roll, which occurred earlier today, welcomed “all families,” but he did not respond to whether or not alternative orientations beyond homosexuality would be similarly welcomed in years to come.

Asked WND: “Since this morning’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll welcomed everybody, including those wearing rainbow leis promoting their sexual orientation, will next year’s event include all sexual orientations, including those wearing arm bands proclaiming that pain is pleasure, or not?”

Responded McClellan: “Les, the Easter Egg Roll is a very happy tradition at the White House that dates back to 1878. It is a time for families, and we welcome all families and their children who want to come and participate in the Easter Egg Roll.”

“All orientations?” pressed WND. “My question was [on] all orientations.”

Said the spokesman: “And you got a response to your question.”

According to the Associated Press, hundreds of homosexual parents brought their children to the event today.

“The message is that gay and lesbian families are everywhere in this country,” Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of the Family Pride Coalition, told the news service.

WND also asked McClellan about whether or not President Bush agrees with Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz., on illegal immigration.

“The New York Times reports this morning from Arizona that Republican Congressman J.D. Hayworth says he has seen ‘an incredible backlash’ to those illegal immigrant demonstrations,” said WND, “and he argues that all illegal immigrants should be arrested and eventually deported. And my question, will the president support or oppose the re-election of this Republican congressman?”

“I think the president has expressed his views when it comes to the need for comprehensive immigration reform,” McClellan responded. “We’ve been very clear in what our views are and how to address this issue. And, of course, the president has supported Republican incumbents in their re-election bids.”

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