Never think “Oh, I’ve heard it all”! “Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party,” by Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain gives any sensible soul good reason to regret ever having voted Democratic.

No, Vincent and McCain do not claim that the Republican Party boasts only the good, the pure and the beautiful, as Aristotle said.

Hardly! It’s just that “the Democratic Party has a 200-year history of urban corruption, treason and subversion, mob control, alliance with corrupt unions, and aiding and abetting criminals that has no parallel in the GOP.”

Vincent and McCain wittily display a wild collection of documented historical information about Democratic Party criminality, supported by 650 end notes that should give pause to even diehard Democrats.

Vincent and McCain rout the idea that Republicans are the party of the rich and the “culture of corruption.”

The authors offer a laundry list tying Democrats to brazen criminality.

Well I remember watching a televised tape of Washington, D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Marion Barry smoking crack cocaine with a prostitute. After Barry was convicted, he was again caught on camera as a female visitor (also not his wife) serviced his immediate needs in prison.

Yet, once released, the adulterous junkie and John was easily re-elected by kindred spirits.

Democrats, report the authors, commonly campaign for votes for felons. Sociologists Uggen and Manza uncovered the obvious – criminal voters commonly help elect Democrats. With felons voting in Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank are easily re-elected.

It makes sense for crooks and malefactors to elect a drunken senator who protected his political career by cowardly abandoning a young female in a Chappaquiddick underwater car grave. What is especially telling is that the infamously adulterous Sen. Kennedy served no jail time for the girl’s death.

And he remains a powerful, posturing senator, hypocritically vocal on issues of “ethics.”

The authors ask, “Should lawbreakers elect our lawmakers?”

They quote commentator Lowell Ponte, who warns that a federal guarantee of voting rights for convicted felons would be a “felonocracy.” That is “government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals.”

Beyond the mob’s role in electing groupie legislators, Vincent and McCain document how, although “the entire Democratic Party is caught accepting millions in illegal foreign campaign donations … Chinagate, the biggest influence-peddling scandal in U.S. history, morphs into a bipartisan referendum on campaign finance reform!”

Remarkably, before Vincent and McCain, no authors connected the dots and organized Democratic Party scandals into a reference book. The authors trace a Democratic “cornucopia of corruption, a direct line of scandal all the way back to the 1700s.”

We learn that “the killer and traitor Aaron Burr” founded the Democratic Party.

From this outlaw legacy sprang Tammany Hall gangsters, some actually helping to “elect three of the past six Democratic presidents.”

We get the skinny on how big-city Democrats have betrayed the inner-city poor into drugs, disease and squalor.

Although the far-left media has “equalized” Republican and Democratic scandals, “over the past 30 years in Congress, there have been three times as many Democratic crooks as Republican ones.” They count and document them.

This informative, important chronicle belongs on public and private reference shelves everywhere. Spread the word! It is a lively, spirited read.

Well done Vincent and McCain!

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