The world can sometimes seem a bit upside down.

Take for example the fact the constant complaints by “journalists” at the big mainstream media outlets about their reputation for having a liberal bias.

Then watch as the journalistic community awards Pulitzer Prizes to the Washington Post for undermining the detention of terrorists by the Bush administration. Or how about the New York Times for undermining the Bush-supported program that involves wiretapping of phone conversations by suspected terrorists.

How did we get to the point where journalists are rewarded when they put American national security at risk?

Can you imagine the crop of left-wing reporters of contemporary times being shipped back to the 1930s and 1940s? We’d all be reading about the allegations of inappropriate treatment of Nazi POW’s and the need to withdraw our troops from the Asian theater of war to stop the further loss of American lives there.

The Pulitzer Prize that went to the Washington Post has interested me in particular, because one of the reporters who earned the award for the Post, Dana Priest, has been tied into the far left of the American political scene.

One of Priest’s friends and sources is CIA leaker Mary McCarthy, a liberal Democrat activist who was telling Dana Priest about how upset she was that the Bush administration was being mean to terrorists.

If you didn’t already know who Dana Priest or Mary McCarthy were, then you probably were not making the rounds at the Democratic National Committee fund-raisers.

When Ms. Priest isn’t writing unflattering columns about the Bush administration under the Washington Post masthead, she’s busy listening to her husband tell her about the need for a new foreign policy that is kinder to the despots of the world. More support for Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein – and less for the freedom fighters who have lost their lives trying to fight for democratic values under these tyrants.

Priest’s husband, William Goodfellow, is the executive director for the Center for International Policy, a group that proudly condemns U.S. foreign policy and attacks the evils of capitalism.

They describe themselves as an organization, “dedicated to exposing and confronting the failures and excesses of our intelligence and national defense apparatus in the post-9/11 world.”

Hmmm, maybe they could start by exposing the failures and excesses of reporters who leak classified information on the war on terrorism to America’s enemies?

Reading through the policy goals of the Center for International Policy is an exercise in frustration. It’s one “Blame America First” idea after another, but then that’s hardly surprising given their ties to the public -relations firm, Fenton Communications, who are perhaps best known for being the PR firm for members have a high opinion of not only the CIP, but also Dana Priest’s friend, CIA leaker Mary McCarthy.

In their discussion forum,’s members insisted that McCarthy should earn a Congressional Medal of Honor for leaking classified secrets to Dana Priest, who could then go and use that information to undermine America’s fight against terrorism.

McCarthy is a revolting figure who deserves condemnation and prosecution for her crimes against the CIA and her nation.

Her motivations are obvious: She has an abundance of disdain for the Bush administration and a tough, pro-American foreign policy, in general.

McCarthy contributed $7,000 to help John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, along with other contributions she has made to the Democratic National Committee and to Democrat candidates running on a “Blame America First” platform.

Most notably, McCarthy has twice contributed to the Democrat challenger to Republican Congressman Curt Weldon. Weldon achieved fame when he broke the news that the 9-11 commission and others were covering up the fact that the Clinton aministration knew the identities of the 9-11 terrorists before 2001 and knew they were in this country taking flight lessons.

The Washington Post’s Dana Priest was happy to team up with her friend Mary McCarthy in the anti-Weldon campaign. Priest wrote an error-filled story about Weldon on June 9, 2005, that belittled and criticized Weldon.

The common theme to many of McCarthy’s political contributions is the presence of Clinton’s NSC chief, Sandy Berger. Berger achieved fame for stuffing top secret documents down his pants and stealing them from the National Archives. He later destroyed those documents that incriminated the Clinton administration for their failures to address the terrorist threat posed by al-Qaida.

Another figure who plays prominently in the political networking by Mary McCarthy is Richard Clarke. Clarke obtained fame by trashing the Bush administration to the news media following the 9-11 attacks and defending the efforts of Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger and everyone else involved in national security during the Clinton years.

So to sum things up, the Washington Post was just awarded a Pulitzer Prize for reporting by Dana Priest that jeopardized the war against terrorism. Priest’s husband is involved in raising public opposition to the war against terrorism and working with to advance a politically liberal foreign-policy agenda.

One of the sources for Ms. Priest’s writings has been ex-Clinton administration NSC official, Mary McCarthy, who has given almost 10 percent of her net income to Democrat candidates and causes in recent years.

The Clintonites are so desperate to regain power that they are willing to sell out our national security to do it. And the reporters who serve as agents for this effort are rewarded for executing their role in the effort.

Right has become wrong. Good has become bad.

And the people who are hurting America are being rewarded.

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