Presidential press secretary Scott McClellan today saw no inconsistency in President Bush’s decrying the singing of the National Anthem in Spanish yet having a Spanish-language version of the White House website.

At the White House press briefing today, WND asked McClellan: “Since the president called for the National Anthem in English alone, do you believe there is no inconsistency in one version of the White House website being in Espanol?”

Responded the spokesman: “I’m sorry. I’m not sure exactly the connection that you’re trying to make.”

“Well,” explained WND, “I just wondered if the National Anthem should be in English alone, why do you have a multilingual White House website?”

McClellan noted that Bush supports “an English-plus approach in America” for people coming to the United States that are beginning to learn the language.

“He also recognizes the importance of respect for people’s heritage,” said McClellan. “And that’s why, as governor, he talked about bilingual programs can be helpful if they’re working to achieve the result of helping people to learn this country’s language.”

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