Hosts on a leftist radio station in Los Angeles have sponsored a contest that will reward the first illegal alien who names his or her new baby after Lou Dobbs, the CNN anchor who is an outspoken critic of unlawful immigration.

Lalo Alcaraz and Esteban Zul, hosts of the “Pocho Hour of Power” on KPFK in L.A., call Dobbs a bigot.

“Americans have a great tradition of naming their offspring after public figures, like John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and Archie Bunker. What could be more patriotic than naming your baby after a beloved American bigot?” state Alcarez and Zul on their website.

Image of Lou Dobbs on radio show website.

“In the interest of racial harmony and assimilation of immigrants into U.S. culture, the co-hosts of the ‘Pocho Hour of Power’ make this offer: The first undocumented immigrant to name their [sic] U.S. born child ‘Lou Dobbs,’ before Sept. 16 , 2006, will win $500 worth of baby nursery items from participating East Los Angeles merchants supporting the ‘Name Your Baby Lou Dobbs Challenge.'”

Alcaraz told the New York Daily News: “[Dobbs] used to have a business show, and now it’s all-immigrant, all the time. Call me crazy, but if I had a TV show, I’d do different topics. And what he’s doing is a kind of cultural bigotry that [immigrants] are inferior in some way. In reality, they’re working their a—s off. It leads viewers to think, ‘Now I can discriminate against Panchito.'”

Dobbs, according to the hosts, is the “largest anti-immigrant critic on the horizon, and casts a huge, rotund shadow over the media’s discussion of immigration.”

The CNN host has vigorously called for securing the borders of the United States.

“I have said straightforwardly that we cannot reform immigration law and policy if we cannot control immigration,” Dobbs wrote in a recent column. “And we cannot control immigration if we cannot secure our borders and our ports.”

Dobbs insisted on calling unlawful entrants “illegal aliens” instead of “illegal immigrants.” To do otherwise, he says, “insults” legal immigrants.

Though the contest was announced April 26, there have been no illegal aliens who have tried to claim the prize.

Claiming to be the top-rated English-language Latino radio talk show in Los Angeles, “Pocho Hour of Power” airs Fridays at 4 p.m. Pacific.

As WorldNetDaily reported, an “Ax AOL” campaign was organized last month by defenders of illegal aliens to target Dobbs.

“Why AOL?” asks one of the promoters of the campaign rhetorically. “Lou Dobbs is the number one money maker for CNN so he is not going anywhere as long as he makes money for CNN and right now he is making a ton of money for CNN bashing ‘illegal immigration.’ CNN is owned by Time Warner and Time Warner also owns AOL, which is being extensively promoted to increase its value as witnessed last week by selling 5 percent of AOL stock to Google. This 5 percent cost Google $1 billion setting a benchmark value for AOL stock. The Google-AOL deal gives AOL a valuation of $20 billion. Billionaire Time Warner shareholder Carl Icahn who controls 3 percent of Time Warner shares has been organizing a proxy battle for control of Time Warner wants to sell AOL.”

According to the organizers: “Lou Dobbs has become the champion zealot of bashing ‘illegal immigration’ each night at CNN promoting HR 4437 as the only way of dealing with ‘Broken Borders’ to protect the USA. The only way to stop Lou Dobbs, the raving populist xenophobe, is to invoke ‘The Achilles heel: AOL.'”

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