Most agree abortion is at the very least unpleasant. Even two of its most ardent political supporters, Bill and Hillary Clinton, concur abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” There’s no reason to say that unless abortion is bad for some reason.

But latter-day feminist abortion advocates disagree. They think abortion is not just fine; it’s holy.

I’m sure fringe feminist writings equate abortion as sacred. What surprises me are the mainstream pro-abortion feminist leaders making such statements today, like Debi Jackson, owner of Cincinnati Women’s Services abortion mill, and Cecilia Fire Thunder, president of the Oglala Sioux Native American tribe.

I became aware of the sacredness of abortion when reading Debi’s ramblings. In an abortionesque take-off of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” she posted “The World as I Would Create It” on the feminist website Moondance, aptly. After imagining the day when abortions were a private matter and contraceptives were easily accessed (hello?), Debi let loose:

[Imagine] abortion centers allow each woman to create the chosen abortion experience for herself … From choosing the kind of lighting … to arranging for specific music that she would like to hear, the woman creates the space in which she will experience her abortion. …

[Imagine a] woman’s religious and/or spiritual preferences are not only respected, but are honored, with specially designed [abortion] rooms where a woman might receive spiritual guidance by clergy or a spiritual guide of the woman’s choosing. She may create a ceremony with which to honor this passage, to be performed during the abortion or afterwards with family and friends in attendance. … She may have a circle of women friends take part in the procedure itself – an ancient ritual of fertility, life, death and rebirth. …

[Imagine t] he recovery period can be spent in a softly lit room in quiet meditation. … Group or individual ceremonies may be performed to celebrate the woman’s journey on her chosen path. This is a period of reverence for the timeless and sacred ritual that is abortion.

“Experience,” “spiritual,” “ceremony,” “passage,” “ancient ritual,” “meditation,” “celebrate,” “sacred.”

These are words to describe abortion? With friends actually helping commit the act?

At which point, Debi – turning on the suction machine, chopping the baby up, collapsing the skull, or piecing the baby back together on the operating room table?

Maybe giving the mother a shot to stop her from hemorrhaging, or reinserting her bowel should it be accidentally removed?

A Cincinnati City Beat article last year included a photo of Debi, “practic[ing] an ancient Chinese calming ritual inside Cincinnati Women’s Services clinic. Harmonic vibrations caused by rubbing the dragon bowl’s brass handles create wavelets and jumping water.”

I’ll tell you what’s jumping, Debi. My skin is, that’s what, you sicko.

Then there is Cecilia Fire Thunder, president of South Dakota’s Oglala Sioux Indian Tribe, who previously worked at a California abortion mill.

Cecilia has vowed to open an abortion mill on her reservation if the South Dakota abortion ban sticks. She will call it Sacred Choices Clinic.

The word sacred comes from the Latin sacrum, meaning “sacrifice.” So in terms of child sacrifice, abortion is certainly sacred, but to whom?

”In my culture we have a goddess, the White Buffalo Calf Woman. It’s a feminine power, and that’s who I am. I need to honor the feminine power – so the goddess is making me do this,” Cecilia said “with a laugh,” according to Indian Country Today.

Cecilia may call the supernatural force behind abortion the White Buffalo Calf Woman, and I may call it what the Church Lady calls it. Whatev.

Still, it used to be that feminists didn’t want religion brought into the abortion debate. “Keep your rosaries off our ovaries!” they shouted.

But if this is how they want it, I’m happy to oblige.

Yes, let’s tell the American public that feminists think abortion is sacred, something to be celebrated, a ceremonious and spiritual ritual.

And let’s watch their rising repugnance against abortion spike up toward the heavens.

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