Don’t bother arguing the facts of climate change with “global warming” zealots.

They simply make up the facts to support their theory.

Of course, that wouldn’t be so bad if these lies were questioned, challenged, even considered against common sense by a media elite all too willing to conclude the world is heating up as a result of industrialization, capitalism and man’s avarice and activity on the planet.

An amazing example of this phenomenon – I call it the “global warming media meltdown theory” – took place yesterday in one of the nation’s largest newspapers, USA Today.

In a front-page news story by Elizabeth Weise, the national newspaper cited “forest ecologist” Glenn Juday as the source of what would be truly alarming data – if only it had any basis in truth.

“Since the 1970s, climate change has doubled the growing season in some places and raised the state temperatures 6 degrees in the winter and 3.5 on average annually since 1950, says Juday, a professor at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.”

Now, back in the old days of my newspaper career, we had editors who actually looked at incredible claims made in stories, questioned them and struck out some of the more preposterous and bizarre assertions.

I guess this practice has been abandoned by Gannett and USA Today. Either that or the newspaper publisher has begun hiring arithmetically challenged reporters and editors as part of its diversity policies.

Think about this: If it were true that average winter temperatures in Alaska have increased 6 degrees Fahrenheit annually since 1950, it would mean average winter temperatures in Alaska are now 336 degrees higher than they were in 1950. Average summer temperatures, according to this statement would be 196 degrees higher, if we are to believe the nonsensical claim of a 3.5 degrees annual rise.

(As a result of this column, the USA Today online article has now been corrected without comment.)

Now how does this happen?

How is it that a self-proclaimed “forest ecologist” can get himself quoted on the front page of a national newspaper making an assertion so unbelievable that a grade-school student should be able to see through it?

Why has the nation allowed itself to become so bamboozled by the global-warming fanatics that we will believe whatever they spoon-feed us no matter how much it defies logic and common sense?

It’s not just one source. It’s not just one media outlet. It’s not just the factual details involved in the climate-change debate. It’s the whole enchilada. Seldom in history have so many people been so deliberately fooled.

Please hear what I am saying – and hear it clearly. I do not doubt for one minute that the earth’s climate is changing. That is beyond dispute. In fact, change is the rule with regard to the earth’s climate, not the exception. But are the real changes we’ve detected the result of man’s activity on the planet? I see no reason to believe that. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Furthermore, so many of the so-called “facts” of this debate are made up out of whole cloth – unchallenged, they get published, broadcast and spread around as if they are gospel truth.

It’s hardly just USA Today. But, amazingly, as of this writing, the article had not been corrected (though it may be at any moment after this column is published). I don’t know how that happens. I know that if WorldNetDaily published a grossly absurd assertion by some pseudo-authority, the calls for retraction, correction and clarification would be overwhelming and instantaneous.

Could it still be that much different in Ye Olde Media?

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