A 40-minute videotape released last week by an al-Qaida leader living in France exhorted French Muslims to rise up and punish France for what Anas al Liby calls France’s disrespect for Islam.

According to al Liby, the French deserve destruction for France’s prohibition on religious symbols. He named in particular the wearing of head coverings for Islamic women involved with government or educational institutions. French soil, he declared, must be reduced to “an ocean of blood.” This event will signal “the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.”

Al Liby concluded that France’s disrespect for Islam was another example of Western contempt for Islamic values, so it’s now time to apply those Islamic values and burn the country to the ground.

Al Liby didn’t stop with France. After rising up and reducing France to ashes, al Liby advised his followers to take the uprising to Norway and Denmark, who deserve punishment for allowing cartoon images of Muhammad to be published. He says the cartoons, which depicted Muhammad as the bloodthirsty founder of a violent religion that preaches hatred and jihad against infidels, were “offensive” to Muslims.

Parenthetically, I do believe it was unwise for the Danish and Norwegian cartoonists to make mocking cartoons about Muhammad. I don’t think any religious leader of any of the world’s great religions should be ridiculed and mocked. Take for instance the way Jesus Christ is being blasphemed and misrepresented by the “Da Vinci Code” book and movie. But Christians aren’t calling for the murder of those who produced them. Instead, we seek to reason from history and the Bible what the truth is and to point out the errors in history that are contained in the whole “Da Vinci Code” affair. But the Muslim response has been totally different – even from the so-called “moderate Muslims.”

Nothing illustrates this more than al Liby’s response. In the name of Islam and Muhammad, al Liby called for the hated infidels to feel “the wrath of Islam.”

According to al Liby, the cartoons were a deliberate attempt by the West to distort the prophet’s perfect image.

Speaking of “the prophet’s perfect image,” al Liby told his followers that the war against the West is no different than the war that Muhammad fought against unbelievers in his day.

But my favorite part of al Liby’s screed was when he noted that Muhammad “faces the same hate today as he suffered when he started out on his path in the seventh century.”

You know, he’s right. In the seventh century, Muhammad ordered the deaths of unbelievers for the crime of unbelief. It would seem that those unbelievers might have had reason to hate their killers.

Now, in the 21st century, the followers of Muhammad are again engaged in a jihad of death and destruction against unbelievers for their crime of unbelief. And again, it seems that those unbelievers have cause for hatred of the doctrine that demands their deaths.

It’s probably the same hate as in the seventh century, since it would be for the same reason. Some people don’t like being given the choice between conversion or being butchered. It’s just the way those stubborn infidels are. How ungrateful of us infidels.

After telling French Muslims that the West has no respect for their prophet and the founder of their great religion of “peace and love,” he orders the followers of the “perfect image” of Mohammed: “Go forth and stamp on their livers, soak the ground with their blood!”

In the name of Islamic peace and love, of course.

Is it any wonder that “moderate” Muslims have such public-relations problems in their host “infidel countries” these days?

They might consider why we ungrateful “infidels” have such problems accepting their protests of being treated with suspicion, while rarely ever protesting and condemning such barbaric calls to murder. Not to mention the fact that many Muslim fundamentalists act on such exhortations from the so-called “militants” who quote verses from the Quran that justify their call to violence.

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