Take away a child’s innocence and liberal judges and lawyers want to understand what caused you to do it. Was it your mother’s fault for not breast-feeding you? Rape and kill dozens of innocent people like Ted Bundy did and the same folks want to file appeal after appeal on why your sorry life should be spared from the executioner. Come across the borders illegally and we offer you a pathway to citizenship as well as educate, feed and clothe your children. But even suggest a Marine may have done something improper, and he is guilty until proven innocent.

Just ask John Murtha.

For years while hosting a national talk-radio show, I was constantly reminded by network management that when talking about a heinous crime, I had to refer to the suspect as the ”alleged” perpetrator and I had to talk about the ”alleged” crime. This was somehow supposed to protect the network from lawsuits filed by the accused and to insure the ”alleged” criminal got a fair trial. If that is the truth, you can kiss goodbye due process for the Marines now on trial in the press by the likes of John Murtha.

Murtha has found the Marines, under investigation for possible war atrocities in Haditha guilty, guilty, guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to the cries of ”rule of law”? If I was one of the Marines, I would cite Murtha’s comments as evidence a fair trial is impossible. Hangman Murtha has already tried the case in the court of public opinion and found them all to be guilty.

Isn’t every American entitled to a fair trial? Not, apparently, if you are serving in the military. John Murtha will give everyone in the country the benefit of the doubt, except a Marine. I thought Murtha supported the troops? Is this what he calls support? He doesn’t even offer Marines what a thug or common thief is afforded.

I know it is not polite to ask all these questions, so I will offer what I see at work here. Murtha is nothing more than a Democrat bomb thrower. He is out to create enough hate for the military and the war so the average American will buy the cut-and-run ideology he and his nut-job buddies embrace. He is hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to change opinion on the war in Iraq without any regard for what an early pullout would mean to America and the world.

Murtha seems filled with glee over anything that will discredit our troops. Why doesn’t Murtha spend the same amount of energy talking about the 99.9 percent of the military that is performing flawlessly? Why not thank the troops as much as he criticizes? I find it hard to believe Murtha is representative of the folks in Pennsylvania. Who is he speaking for?

Answer: Moveon.org, Michael Moore and the left-wing faction of the Democratic Party who hate the military. That’s for whom Murtha speaks. I guess what I find so shocking is that the left has been able to recruit a guy like Murtha to carry this banner of hate toward our military. If he were talking about O.J. Simpson prior to his trial, in this way, the media would have crucified him as a racist. If he attacked William Jefferson for his alleged corruption activities, his party leaders would denounce him. However, he attacks the military and then Paula Zahn at CNN welcomes him with open arms and all the airtime desired to spew hateful words. The New York Times will put it on the front page everyday if it attacks the military.

Note to Murtha: Keep this type of nonsense up and there may well come a day that no one in this country wants to serve in the military. Then when it comes to protecting your sorry butt you may find yourself in the same pile of doo-doo that keeps coming out of your mouth. Then again, that may be what you want. Then America will have no ability to protect itself or its people.

Cut and run seems to be Murtha’s main message. We can’t win so give it up and come home. Redeployment of our military assets is what he conveniently calls it. History proves cut and run doesn’t work. Look at Mogadishu. We won that battle and lost 12 men in the process. One of the soldiers was dragged through the streets and President Clinton’s response was to cut and run. They should have let the troops out of their liberal-installed handcuffs and allowed them be soldiers. Then the world would have thought twice about messing with us in the future. Keep in mind it was our cut and run policy in Mogadishu that emboldened Osama bin Laden to attack America. He outlined it in letters to us about how he saw our actions in Mogadishu as proof America didn’t have the stomach to stay the course. A paper tiger, if you will.

Pay attention to OBL’s words: ”After our victory in Afghanistan and the defeat of the oppressors who had killed millions of Muslims, the legend about the invincibility of the superpowers vanished. Our boys no longer viewed America as a superpower. So, when they left Afghanistan, they went to Somalia and prepared themselves carefully for a long war. They thought the Americans were like the Russians, so they trained and prepared. They were stunned when they discovered how low was the morale of the American soldier. America had entered with 30,000 soldiers in addition to thousands of soldiers from different countries in the world. … As I said, our boys were shocked by the low morale of the American soldier and they realized that the American soldier was just a paper tiger. He was unable to endure the strikes that were dealt to his army, so he fled, and America had to stop all its bragging and all that noise it was making in the press after the Gulf War in which it destroyed the infrastructure and the milk and dairy industry that was vital for the infants and the children and the civilians and blew up dams which were necessary for the crops people grew to feed their families.

“Proud of this destruction, America assumed the titles of world leader and master of the new world order. After a few blows, it forgot all about those titles and rushed out of Somalia in shame and disgrace, dragging the bodies of its soldiers. America stopped calling itself world leader and master of the new world order, and its politicians realized that those titles were too big for them and that they were unworthy of them. I was in Sudan when this happened. I was very happy to learn of that great defeat that America suffered, so was every Muslim.”

Cut and run in Somalia clearly encouraged the warriors of the ”religion of peace.” Murtha must be so proud.

How about Vietnam?

Our troops could have easily won the war. We just wouldn’t let them do the job they were trained to do. I have spoken with dozens of Vietnam vets who have shared the frustration of being trained to win, only to be held back by the politically correct appeasement movement in America.

I can only imagine the frustration our fighting men and women in the all-volunteer military must feel as they are kept from doing the job they volunteered to do, out of fear every move they make will be criticized by those in charge back home. It makes me sick. If there is any truth to the alleged loss of civilians in Haditha, it’s probably fueled in part by the frustration of not being allowed to do the job soldiers are trained to do. You can thank the Murthas of the world for any innocent victims in Haditha.

War is hell. I’m sure if we had news cameras in all previous wars, we would be shocked by what we would see. It doesn’t make it right but it does happen. When it does happen, we have a system that investigates, charges and then brings the accused to trial for a finding of the facts. After the facts are proven beyond a reasonable doubt, a verdict is rendered. If the accused are found guilty they are punished accordingly. That is how it works. It should be no different for our soldiers.

The president has stated publicly that any person(s) found guilty in this alleged incident would be punished. However, for now, if anything, we should give them the benefit of the doubt given they put their lives on the line each day for our safety. I’m sure mistakes are made and they should be addressed, but it is absurd what Murtha is doing to our soldiers. John Murtha should shut up and sit down. Allow the military to do its job. It will investigate the allegations at the highest levels and then take appropriate action.

That is what Murtha offers rapists, thieves, murderers and others who break the law. That is the least he should afford our troops. Doing so would prove to the troops he truly does support them.

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