Diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, pluralism.

The slogans of the new PC fascists ring out across the land, but especially in the centers of power such as Washington, Hollywood and Blue State America.

Even the people who make our children’s comic books are taking up the PC banner. A DC Comics spokesperson confirmed just the other day that the comic book heroine Batwoman is going to make a comeback as a “lipstick lesbian” who moonlights as a crime fighter.

Holy Ellen DeGeneres, Batman!

As my MOVIEGUIDE? editor, Tom Snyder, is fond of saying, “The homosexuals and transvestites have come out of the closet to put Bible-believing Christians and conservatives back into the closet.”

Of course, what all this talk about “diversity,” “inclusion” and “pluralism” really means is that Bible-believing Christians and traditional conservatives are excluded and discriminated against. In fact, Bible-believing Christians and strict conservatives are increasingly being demonized, even by some of our alleged “friends.”

For example, a self-described Christian “conservative” has called the Americans who report illegal immigrants to the U.S. Border Patrol “vigilantes.” And, even some of those who disdain the ACLU like to put down those of us who believe that good governments should govern their people through the moral principles contained in the Bible, the most popular guidebook to living of all time.

Ultimately, all this “cultural diversity” on TV, in movies and, now, in comic books is nothing more than multicultural fascism. Multicultural fascism is a neo-Marxist form of Christophobic bigotry and hatred.

Regrettably, nearly the entire national news media and most of our elected politicians and our judges have bought into the Marxist lies of “cultural diversity,” “inclusion” and “pluralism.” These words have been twisted out of shape to fit a radical left-wing political agenda that wants to silence Bible-believing Christians and traditional conservatives.

For example, according to the 1972 edition of Webster’s dictionary, the word “pluralism” used to mean the celebration of distinct cultural groups, but within a single, unifying culture. This is the meaning of the phrase “e pluribus unum” on which the United States of America was founded – out of many, one nation, under God.

Thus, the United States was founded originally on a concept of political unity. As such, the new nation was based on:

  1. A culture based on Jewish, Christian, European historical roots. This Judeo-Christian culture is the guiding, unifying spirit of the American Republic.

  2. A common language, English, with a rich literary history (see “America’s British Culture” by Russell Kirk).

  3. A common body of philosophical and metaphysical beliefs, such as:

    – God purposefully created the world, including human beings;

    – The world contains universal, objective knowledge and truth;

    – Human beings can discover this objective knowledge and truth by using sound reason and logic and by examining factual evidence;

    – All cultures should be subservient to this objective knowledge and truth;

    – Truth transcends race, sex and socio-economic class, as well as culture;

    – The Bible judges right and wrong because it is a historical, verifiable revelation from God, who is truthful, good and just; and

    – Individual rights take precedence over group rights, but the local community takes precedence over both unless that community violates God’s biblical rules for human behavior and liberty.

  4. A common body of moral habits, social conventions, traditions and customs based on ideas developed from the Bible, which is the Holy Spirit-inspired Word of God written.

  5. A common practice of limited, representative government that derives its legitimate sovereignty first from God through the Bible and then from the consent of the people, governed as equally as possible by the rule of law in society based on the Bible. God requires the people to obey the government and its officials only if they don’t force the people to do evil acts, such as commit murder, or force the people to neglect doing good, such as save the life of an unborn child. God requires the government and its officials, however, to be ministers of His moral laws found in the Bible (see Romans 13).

  6. A common system of law based on Protestant and biblical principles and moral absolutes. Those principles and moral absolutes include giving people unlimited freedom to hold righteous religious beliefs, but they don’t include giving people unlimited freedom to perform any action they wish to do.

  7. A belief in a rigorous education, with strong training in logical thinking, philosophy, empirical truth, history and biblical languages.

These important principles are completely opposed to the radical egalitarianism and irrational theophobia of the cultural fascists. They stand in stark contrast to these mentally deranged left-wing fascists who want to turn the United States into their own perverted, hedonistic, pagan playground.

Please don’t let America’s future generations, its children and grandchildren, become the social victims and sexual playthings of these corrupt Christophobes. Stand up and smite their perverse agenda with the traditional, biblical and cultural principles that once made America a great Christian nation.

Note: Dr. Tom Snyder contributed to this column.

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