Who really built the great pyramids of Egypt?

In school, students are taught that the pharoahs used slave labor and existing technology to build tombs for themselves.

But is there more to the story?

How could the precise measurements have been calculated? How could massive stones be cut with such precision? How could they have been quarried and moved into place?

Producer Ken Klein has delivered one of the most compelling documentaries on the subject, making the case that the pharaohs were not responsible for the Giza plateau pyramids. It’s called “The Lost Legend of the Great Pyramid: The Pillar of Enoch.”

“It is a matter of archaeological fact that none of the fourth dynasty kings put their names on the pyramids supposedly constructed in their times, yet all other pyramids of Egypt had hundreds of official inscriptions, leaving us no doubt about which kings built them,” he says.

Even those archaeologists who still stubbornly subscribe to the “tomb theory” of the pyramid do not believe that a queen or anyone else was ever buried in the limestone chamber.

Mysterious legends and records tell of watermarks that were clearly visible on the limestone casing stones of the Great Pyramids suggesting that the Great Pyramid existed before the pharaohs during the great flood of Noah’s time.

Although much research remains to be done in these areas, legend, archaeology, mathematics and earth sciences seem to indicate that the Great Pyramid was a monumental device for gathering knowledge and information to be revealed and decoded at a latter time for the spiritual benefit of human beings.

Are you living in that latter time?

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