There are times when those who defend us need and deserve a better defense from us in return. It’s the least we can do. This is one of those times. I was hoping this defense would come straight from the top, in public and in smackdown fashion, but that doesn’t yet appear to be the case.

The ongoing negative portrayal of the U.S. military as bad guys,combined with certain Americans (not to mention some members of Congress) granting Virgin Mary status to enemies of America, is spinning out of control like Pat Kennedy late for a vote.

Yes, we’ve all heard the Gitmo stories and seen the Abu Ghraib mess. Now there is the Haditha investigation, in which Congressman John Murtha decided to expedite the system of military justice by serving as judge, jury, executioner, and pall bearer. To current and former members of the military, Murtha’s behavior may seem despicable, and to anti-war liberals, a retired Marine condemning his own in the absence of a complete investigation would come across as a malignant tumor complaining about cancer, but the irony is forgiven due to a mutual dislike of the Bush administration.

At this moment, seven Marines and one member of the Navy are in jail and are being charged with murder for the shooting death of an Iraqi civilian. Defense lawyers for the members of the military say Pentagon investigators threatened them with the death penalty and used other coercive techniques to obtain statements from some of them.

It’s too bad these members of the U.S. military aren’t terror suspects, or John Kerry, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, and any other number of Democrats would be screaming at the podium in outrage over the inhumane treatment and complete disregard for the civil rights of the ”innocent until proven guilty” detained individuals.

There are several ways U.S. military members accused of crimes could quickly befriend the American left.

For example, if you were a member of the military and accused of a crime, there are five things you should do if you want to ensure liberals demand your release:

  1. Convert to Islam.

  2. ”Leak” a secret to the New York Times.
  3. Compare George W. Bush to Hitler (take a number and patiently wait your turn).
  4. Convert to Islam again, just so the people who missed it the first time have a chance to see it.
  5. Call for eco-friendly hybrid tanks and cruise missiles.

Democrats would demand your release faster than you can say ”Willie’s hunger strike is over” (sometimes you have to skip munchies for a cause greater than yourself).

Now consider that, just recently in Iraq, two American soldiers were captured, tortured and killed. Since then, we’ve heard none of the aforementioned ”human rights” activists or their buddies ? none ? denounce the treatment dished out by terrorists. Dare I say that more Democrats have complained about the cancellation of ”West Wing” than the atrocities against our troops.

”Human rights” activists are also scared ? not of terrorists, but that speaking out on behalf of the human rights of U.S. and coalition troops might work counter to their efforts to make Bush look as evil as possible. When you’re trying to make somebody out to be Hitler, it hurts your effort if you point out somebody who is, as Bush may say, ”Hitlerer” than the person you’re painting as the ultimate f?hrer.

The real reason some of this domestic criticism of the U.S. military exists has little or nothing to do with human rights or the war. It’s about politics. The left hates Bush, and, at a greater percentage than in the general population, the military supports him.

As the military embraces the commander in chief, much of the left views the U.S. soldier as having discovered an entirely new level of dim-wittedness – an idiotic outlook deserving of the mockery that has taken place in various protests, and perhaps even deserving of prison, regardless of any substantiated charge.

To be led into an unjust war by a moron is one thing, but for those same people to vote for that moron in droves makes the military reprehensibly imbecilic in liberals’ eyes.

This can also apply to politicians who formerly served in the military. As we’ve seen, the honor and dignity of the latter can get in the way of the agendas of the former, so it’s, sadly, brushed aside.

To counter this madness, the U.S. military deserves our unconditional support and benefit of the doubt, especially at times like these, and it should start at the top. Louder, Mr. President.

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