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Help restore truth, justice and the American way in 60 seconds

Dear friend,

I know – “Help restore truth, justice and the American way in 60 seconds” sounds like the most absurdly sensational and downright idiotic headline you’ve ever read.

But it’s absolutely true. Let me explain.

The main reason there’s so little truth and justice in America today is because the major news media are actively engaged in promoting the opposite – lies and injustice. In fact, as I prove in my book “The Marketing of Evil,” there’s no institution in America that is more responsible for making evil appear good, and good appear evil, than the press. But then this should be obvious: The press is the filter through which we get most of our information, and if that filter is grossly distorted, our view of the world will be also.

But what if America were blessed with a courageous, truthful and independent press – one that boldly exposed evil, rather than enabling it at every turn as today’s elite media do?

This nation would be utterly transformed, almost like magic. Abortion would be outlawed if the press reported on that industry honestly. The radical gay-rights agenda would lose its mainstream support, and the “constitutional separation of church and state” would be universally seen for what it really is – pure fiction. You get the idea. If we had a truly dedicated, truth-oriented news media, America would quickly become a radically better and more unified nation.

That kind of news organization – and I don’t mean to brag – is exactly how many Americans have come to regard WorldNetDaily.com.

But the problem is, we need to grow much bigger, to increase our reach and multiply our influence. Too many people are confused and misdirected by the big news and entertainment media, and many have never even heard of WorldNetDaily.

That’s where you come in – and my humble request for 60 seconds of your time.

No, I’m not asking you to write a check, make a pledge, buy anything or even read anything – except the rest of this letter.

All I am asking you to do is this: When you get done reading this, sign up for WND’s e-mail News Alerts. It costs nothing – ever – and it takes less than a minute to sign up.

“OK, that’s no big deal,” you might say, “but how the heck does that help restore truth, justice and the American way?” I’ll tell you how. Signing up for our News Alerts generates critical financial support for WND, even though it never costs the News Alert subscriber a cent.

You see, when you sign up for our News Alerts, you get instant e-mail notification of breaking WorldNetDaily stories so you never miss an important news development, plus selected commercial offers we think will be of interest to our readers. It is with this last part – the commercial offers – that your free News Alert subscription translates directly and effortlessly into financial support for WorldNetDaily. The larger our News Alert e-mail subscription list grows, the more income it generates for WND through sales and advertising fees. As you surely know, it costs an enormous amount of money to run an operation like WorldNetDaily, and yet we give everything to you for free. Therefore, we need financial support, and this is one important and completely painless way you can help fund us. All we need is for you to subscribe. It’s free – and it takes just a few seconds.

I believe if America is ever going to be restored to greatness, it’s most likely a news media revolution that will make it happen. My message to you is that, for the same time it takes you to get a drink of water or visit the restroom or take out the trash, you can help ensure that the America of the future has a fiercely independent and unfailingly truth-oriented press to champion goodness and common sense and expose evil at every turn. This is WorldNetDaily’s 10th year of doing that, and we’re just getting warmed up.

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Thank you very much,

David Kupelian

Vice President and Managing Editor


& Whistleblower magazine

Author, “The Marketing of Evil”

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