Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

With “In Mortal Danger” skyrocketing up the bestseller charts and public concern growing daily over America’s illegal immigration problem, the book’s author, Rep. Tom Tancredo – the nation’s undisputed heavyweight champion of the border security issue – just may be elected president, a popular cable TV newscaster said yesterday.

Since the official launch of his sensational book Monday, Tancredo has been on a media blitz – his book bulleting up the Amazon bestseller list from 7,311 on Monday to 25 yesterday.

On Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” yesterday, host Neil Cavuto introduced Tancredo this way: “Illegals coming into America are sure to be front and center in the next presidential election here. And Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo certainly knows it. He owns this issue. And straw polls show that, if he were to run for president, he just might well be president.”

Cavuto asked Tancredo: “Over the months I have talked to you, as this immigration issue has heated up, your poll numbers have moved up. Will you run for president?”

Responded the Colorado House member and chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus: “Neil, I will run for president if I cannot get … any of the serious candidates to really take this on. My purpose is to make immigration the focal point of any national debate on a presidential election.”

Tancredo added: “Your responsibility as a candidate for president is to do every single thing you can to tell the people what you believe to be the greatest threats to the nation and how you would deal with them. And then, you know what? If they buy it, OK, you’re elected. If they don’t, you have done your best.”

The congressman also didn’t mince words the previous night on Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes” show, saying: “Mexico is aiding and abetting an invasion of this country. They are part of the problem. In fact, they are creating situations along that border, using their own military, to protect drug trafficking into the United States, pushing their own people into the United States for a variety of reasons. It is an invasion.”

Stressing that the problem facing America is not just illegal immigration – but a massive invasion of foreigners who come to the U.S. with no desire to become Americans. That, in the larger context of what Tancredo calls the “cult of multiculturalism,” is what is radically and dangerously transforming the very character of life and culture in America within a single generation, he says.

In his book, published by WND Books, Tancredo warns that America is on a course to the dustbin of history. Like the great and mighty empires of the past, he writes, superpowers that once stretched from horizon to horizon, America is heading down the road to ruin.

English historian Edward Gibbon, in penning his classic “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” (ironically published in the year America’s Founding Fathers declared independence from Great Britain), theorized that Rome fell because it rotted from within. It succumbed to barbarian invasions because of a loss of civic virtue, its citizens became lazy and soft, hiring barbarian mercenaries to defend the empire because they were unwilling to defend it themselves.

Tancredo says America is following in the tragic footsteps of Rome.

Living up to his reputation for candor, Tancredo explains how the economic success and historical military prowess of the United States have transformed a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles of right and wrong into an overindulgent, self-deprecating, immoral cesspool of depravity.

His recipe for turning things around?

Without strong, moral leadership, without a renewed sense of purpose, without a rededication to family and community, without shunning the race hustlers and pop-culture sham artists, without protecting borders, language and culture, the nation that once was “the land of the free and home of the brave” and the “one last best hope of mankind” will repeat the catastrophic mistakes of the past, he writes.

Today, Tancredo is scheduled to appear on Fox News’ popular “Dayside” show at 1 p.m. Eastern.

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