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The Beverly Killbillies

Suppose I were to tell you that scientists speculated, though they really did not know, that cutting the limbs off of a certain tribe of people from the deep jungles of Indonesia could, quite possibly, cure hundreds of diseases. Suppose that by cutting off the arms and legs and heads of these folks we could make a nutrient potion that would allay 5 percent of cancers. Further, pretend we debated not the legality of such a practice, that being too gauche, but only the federal funding for the whole expedition.

Would this strike you as immoral?

Consider that the proponents of this pursuit would never, ever speak in terms of the loss to the tribesmen but only in terms of the benefits to the rich, educated, American, sick people. The pain, suffering, bloody death or just loss of capacity to the tribesmen would never see the light of day in the media – only the glorious benefits to the elites who could afford the “health care” procedures would be trumpeted. Perhaps even “humane” methods could be developed so that the hacking off of an arm or a head would be “painless” for the unfortunate tribesman. But in the end we would never, ever talk about how the success of any such twisted medical science would place a blood-price on the head of every single one of those people; a rhino’s tusk hunts him to extinction for the poacher’s greed.

Now imagine a sign in the New York subway: “$3,000 dollars cash to abort your 3-month-old baby – $6,000 cash to abort your 8-month term.”

Lost in the insipid, clueless, clinically detached “debate” about embryonic stem-cell research is the simple and undeniable fact that any “successes” in the field will put a bounty on the head of every single human baby in the womb. It would become highly profitable to conceive a baby, have the baby aborted and “parted out” – just like a stolen car in chop shop. The Beverly Killbillies need your child. They need her head to cut out one of her ears; they need to drain her essence, her life force.

And that is why, friends, it is evil to support embryonic stem-cell research in any form. The fact that it will almost certainly be “successful” is the very reason why it should never be done.

Right now, today, China has a similar practice. The Communists take Falun Gong aficionados, who scandalously practice religious breathing exercises, and shoot the Gongers in the head for their organs. As the political prisoner lies dying from the gunshot wound, “doctors” slit open the enemy of the state and take all her organs while her heart still beats – they want to keep the meat fresh.

Is there any doubt that the people who receive such organs are saved by them? Now isn’t that a wonderful advance for medical science? Think of all the children who can be helped!

The Nazis who are pushing embryonic stem-cell research are, by and large, rich, elite, untouchables of the educated classes who know that their babies, their grandbabies, are never going to be parted out to a junk dealer for rent money. It’s only the lesser people, the lower castes, who will be hacked asunder with a scalpel in order to cough up stem cells, or hearts, or livers, or brain cells whenever the interchangeable pieces are required by rich people. Such elites don’t really mind that there will be $6,000 staring a single, struggling soccer Mom in the face. They figure that’s just more good population control, another way to prop up the otherwise tottering abortion industry.

Didn’t realize that’s what “embryonic stem-cell research” was, huh?

Vexed and estranged, the abortion industry has desperately searched for a new marketing scam to alleviate the pressures now experienced from the fracture and collapse of their original story line. They preached all manner of foolishness to the American public to gain acceptance for abortion originally, and time and statistics have now flatly refuted the original arguments – child abuse was to drop, test scores were to improve, marriages were to be saved, on and on – all this is false.

But now, playing on only half the story to pluck a heart string, the population-control elitists strum their harps trying to offer a new panacea to justify and expand the practice of pureeing tranquility. The point here, folks, is to convince you that killing one group of people to benefit another group of people can be “good.” You have been insolently resisting this notion regarding the general abortion campaign despite the best efforts of high-minded and educated persons. Benevolently though, they are trying again to help you using the embryonic stem-cell route. They know if they can convince you that some populations are beneficially killable, then world-wide genocide of all the people they don’t like will be completed with your complicity and to your benefit …unless of course you are one of the parts-supplying class.

Options remain. Instead of complicity?

Resist them.

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Andrew Longman is a Christian by confession and an applied scientist by trade.