Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala.

A congressman is pressing the Department of Commerce to fully disclose a congressionally unauthorized plan to implement a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that critics say could lead to a North American union.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., chairman of the Subcommittee on Management, Integration and Oversight of the House Committee on Homeland Security, wrote July 11 to Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez requesting detailed disclosure of working groups in the Security and Prosperity Partnership office within his department.

Referring to an attached letter from a constituent, Rogers wrote to Gutierrez:

Judging by information contained in this letter, a number of legitimate concerns are raised regarding the implementation and operation of the SPP, including the membership and charge of its working groups; potential memoranda of understanding with foreign countries; and whether there has been any Congressional oversight of these working group, to name a few.

Rogers concluded by asking Gutierrez for a prompt review of the issues and for a response “as soon as possible.”

The attached constituent letter was written by Eunie Smith, president of Eagle Forum of Alabama and by Bob Couch. They posed the following questions to Rogers:

  • What is the membership of the 30 SPP working groups?

  • What is the charge/working agenda of each of the 30 SPP working groups?

  • Please provide to me any trilateral memoranda of understanding and other trilateral agreements with Mexico and Canada.

  • Please provide findings, reports and presentations of the working groups.

  • Under what congressional action are these working groups constituted?

  • What congressional oversight is there of this process?

  • Are the working groups redefining American laws to make them tri-lateral?

  • What specific plans are there for reporting to Congress?

The constituents’ letter also suggested four lines of inquiry should congressional hearings be convened to examine SPP working group activities:

  • Is the sovereignty of the United States threatened since it has been reported that a North American court and a parliamentary body are being proposed, complete with the “Amero” to replace the U.S. dollar?

  • Wouldn’t an “outer security perimeter” remove the capacity of policing our borders from the hands of United States citizens?

  • Isn’t “harmonizing entry screening and visa and asylum regulations” code for a quantum leap in liberalizing our country’s immigration laws?

  • What about the May 2005 CFR Task Force documents calling for a “seamless North American market” and for “the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico” and for a “permanent tribunal for North American dispute regulation,” as well as calling for allowing Mexican trucks “unlimited access” to the U.S.

The constituents’ letter also attached a copy of a July 2005 article by Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly entitled, “The Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada.”

Schlafly was one of the first analysts and commentators to question the purpose of SPP. In her article, she wrote that the Council on Foreign Relations task force report entitled “Building a North American Community” let the “cat out of the bag about what’s really behind our trade agreements and security partnerships with the other North American countries.”

Schlafly argued the CFR task force report “spells out a five-year plan for the ‘establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community’ with a common ‘outer security perimeter.'”

She commented:

This CFR document, called “Building a North American Community,” asserts that George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin ‘committed their governments’ to this goal when they met at Bush’s ranch and at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005. The three adopted the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” and assigned “working groups” to fill in the details.

Rogers’ letter to Gutierrez supports a demand for information made last month by Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

Smith, on behalf of Eagle Forum of Alabama, told WND she is “very pleased” with Rogers’ commitment to inquire into the SPP operations.

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