Homosexual advocacy groups were dealt yet another stinging blow this week when the Washington State Supreme Court upheld the state’s Defense of Marriage Act and ruled that no fundamental right exists to same-sex marriage. Demonstrating admirable judicial restraint, Justice Barbara Madsen wrote for the majority, stating, “[W]hile same-sex marriage may be the law at a future time, it will be because the people declare it to be, not because five members of this court have dictated it.”

The ruling comes at the close of a particularly devastating month for same-sex marriage supporters. In July alone, numerous state courts across the country – including those in such prominent blue states as New York and Connecticut – upheld marriage as the union of one man and one woman and dismissed attempts to radically alter this fundamental institution of society.

For the marriage modifiers, things are even worse at the ballot box. Twenty states have already approved constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and another 11 states are expected to vote on similar measures come November. In the arena of public opinion, polls continually show that the vast majority of Americans believe marriage should remain what it has always been – a heterosexual union.

So, how are liberals countering this string of legislative and judicial losses? Oddly enough, by touting the immense benefits that marriage brings to both individuals and society as a whole. A hodgepodge of pro-homosexual marriage groups launched an advertising campaign this week aimed at doing just that. Slated to appear in 50 newspapers across the country, the advertisement pictures five same-sex couples that are presented as being in committed relationships. Below the photos, a portion of the ad reads:

Couples who are doing the work of marriage in their lives – caring for one another, raising kids, worrying about aging parents, paying taxes, contributing to the community – deserve an equal commitment under the law. In America, that commitment is called marriage. Marriage can bring security and deepen love, and offers an incomparable – and irreplaceably broad – array of tangible and intangible protections and responsibilities.

Does such a flowery description of matrimony surprise you? It should. Frankly, this sudden emphasis on the sanctity of marriage is well nigh shocking considering liberalism’s past record.

For decades, liberals have not only downplayed the significance of marriage but have disparaged the institution as counterproductive to maintaining a so-called progressive culture. Feminists often equate matrimony with slavery and prostitution while upholding cohabitation, promiscuous sex, abortion as birth control and no-fault divorce as saviors of civilization. As feminist goddess Betty Friedan so poignantly explained in her culture-shocking book “The Feminine Mystique,” the nuclear family is nothing more than a comfortable concentration camp.

My only question is this: If the institution of marriage is truly nothing more than contractual rape, slavery and inequity, why should liberals be so passionate about extending its so-called benefits to homosexuals? If much of the present-day suffering by feminist activists can be laid squarely at the feet of wedding vows, why is it so necessary that marriage rights be extended to those who practice homosexuality? Wouldn’t doing so merely inflict a barbarous institution on yet another segment of the population?

Such a paradox makes sense when you understand the hypocritical underpinnings of liberal philosophy. Traditional heterosexual marriage is the evil manifestation of a male-dominated society, designed to trick and coerce women into life-long bondage. Extending nuptial rights to homosexuals, on the other hand, would somehow bring security, deepen love and offer an “incomparable” and “irreplaceably broad” range “of tangible and intangible protections and responsibilities.”

So, which is it? Is marriage the bedrock of civilization or a comfortable concentration camp? Is it a fundamental building block of society or the apocalyptic abomination that causes desolation?

Liberalism’s double standard on marriage may be an unsolvable conundrum to many, but I’m going to step out on a limb and offer a suggestion as to the real goal behind this quest: the annihilation of marriage itself.

In truth, the struggle to create same-sex marriage is not about safeguarding rights for a community of Americans, but about forever abolishing marriage as it has been traditionally understood, thereby all but eliminating the concept of the nuclear family. It is about turning Judeo-Christian culture on its head and establishing a new secularized version that downplays or outright eliminates any vestige of God, truth, responsibility or traditional morality.

Sound extreme? Stay tuned. All of the cultural components are in place. For years, liberals have chipped away at marriage by normalizing abortion, divorce, cohabitation and pre-marital sex. The next and perhaps final step in the downward spiral of American culture will be the legalization of homosexual unions.

God help future generations if we let that happen.

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David N. Bass is a 20-year-old Christian homeschool graduate whose columns have been featured on AmericanDaily.com, IntellectualConservative.com and RenewAmerica.us. While attending college through distance education, he interns at a pro-family public policy organization. David recently completed his first novel.

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