Presidential press secretary Tony Snow today said he didn’t want to assign “precise adjectives” to Hezbollah after being challenged about President Bush’s characterization of the Middle East terror group.

WND asked Snow at the White House press briefing: “During his meeting with Tony Blair last week, the president characterized Hezbollah, which murdered 241 American servicemen in Beirut in 1983, as a ‘supposed political party that happens to be armed.’ In contrast, the president routinely describes al-Qaida as killers and terrorists. And the question: Does the president regard Hezbollah as any less murderous or terroristic than al-Qaida?”

Responded Snow: “I think we’ve made our characterization of Hezbollah clear over the years. I don’t want to try to get into assigning precise adjectives. I think we’ve done that.”

WND also asked Snow about the recent arrest of Mel Gibson on DUI charges and the actor’s anti-Semitic remarks made to the arresting officer.

“The Reverend Ted Baehr, as chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, says that while Mel Gibson’s behavior was shocking, his apology should be taken to heart,” said WND. “And attorney William Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights said, ‘What Mel Gibson said was indefensible, anti-Semitic and irresponsible. Fortunately, he’s apologized, which is being rejected by some who should know better.’ In 2003 Roman Polanski, the convicted child rapist, received a standing ovation when he won an Oscar. Nice to know what really offends Hollywood. And my question: Does the president forgive Mel Gibson or not?”

“The president believes in the forgiveness of sins for all who seek forgiveness,” the spokesman stated.

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