Signs prepared for A.N.S.W.E.R. protest

A radical anti-war coalition is joining forces with a U.S. Islamic lobby organization to stage a demonstration in front of the White House to protest “the current predicament of Muslims abroad and at home.”

A.N.S.W.E.R., a coalition led by socialist and communist activists, and Muslim American Society’s Freedom Foundation are co-sponsoring the “National Emergency March” Aug. 12 at Lafayette Park at 12 noon.

A third co-sponsor is the National Council of Arab Americans.

A number of leaders for A.N.S.W.E.R. – Act Now to Stop War and End Racism – were members of the Workers World Party and now belong to the Party for Socialism and Liberation , a Marxist-Leninist organization founded in 2004

Along with the “plight of the Palestinian people and the recent atrocities in Gaza and Lebanon,” the Muslim group says it will focus on the war in Iraq and “the continuous violation of civil rights and civil liberties within the American Muslim community.”

The Muslim American Society, or MAS, says it’s sponsoring buses to transport people from outside the Washington area.

In Detroit, which has one of the country’s largest Muslim communities, 25 buses already have been arranged for the event.

The Freedom Foundation is the public affairs arm of the Muslim American Society, which calls itself the largest grass-roots Muslim organization in the country, with more than 50 chapters nationwide.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the Muslim American Society held a rally last month during which a Jewish activist was physically assaulted and threatened.

The event at Boston’s City Hall Plaza was the group’s “Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Protest.” Signs brought by participants included some including some calling for “victory” for the terrorist group Hezbollah and the “Palestinian Resistance.”

Mahdi Bray

In a WND interview, the group’s executive director, Mahdi Bray, blamed the United States and President Bush for the war between Hezbollah and Israel.

Bray said that while there are “no clean hands” in the escalating violence, the United States has failed completely.

“We have the … capability of doing something,” he said. “Our position is not defensible that we have not used our leverage to obtain a cease-fire.”



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