Abortion proponents said making abortion legal would stop back-alley abortions. In reality, all legalizing abortion did was make back-alley abortions legal.

I’ve previously written about characters like Krishna Rajanna, the fetus-eating abortionist in Kansas, and Rodolfo Finkelstein, the sexual pervert abortionist in Michigan.

But now I’ve stumbled on a nest of abortionist snakes in Miami, certainly making it America’s legalized back-alley abortion capital.

Readers may have read news stories two weeks ago of workers at a Hialeah, Fla., abortion mill allegedly killing a newborn baby. Hialeah is next to Miami.

That was merely the tip of the slice-and-dice-berg.

Frantz Bazile was the responsible abortionist (two words that harmonize only when denoting culpability).

Bazile’s rap sheet actually goes back to 1991, when he was found guilty of gross negligence in Illinois and placed on professional probation.

While aborting a 17-year-old, Bazile had accidentally removed part of her placenta first, causing the girl to hemorrhage. He made matters worse by lacerating her vagina and cervix when trying to stop the bleeding.

Bazile finally called an ambulance. At the hospital the girl received emergency blood transfusions and underwent an emergency cesarean section, delivering a live baby who died. Not only did Bazile muck up the abortion, he failed to assess the baby’s age, which was determined to be “late second trimester.”

After put on probation, Bazile flew the coop and landed on the beach, finding employment at A Gyn Diagnostic Center, the aforementioned Hialeah abortion mill. Abortion mills do not require references.

(Speaking of abortion mills, here’s useful information I learned in the July issue of Vogue Magazine: Pro-aborts hate the term “abortion mill.” A puff piece on Planned Parenthood included this plea from mill workers: “Can you tell people we’re not an abortion mill? Can you change the language?”)

Where was I? Oh, yes, talking about abortion mills. Hialeah’s A Di Center (shortening the term due to space constraints) is one of three Miami area abortion mills owned and operated by Belkis Gonzales and Siomara Senises.

Their Miramar mill was shut down last year after police caught three of their employees committing abortions without licenses.

They were janitor Adieren Rojas, abortionist Robelto Osborne and University of Miami medical student Kieron Nisbet.

Osborne lost his license in 2004 for puncturing a mother’s uterus during an abortion, not treating it, and failing to return her calls complaining of extreme pain and bleeding. She required the removal of retained fetal parts and a hysterectomy. Records also show Osborne botched an abortion in 1996 by damaging the small intestine of an 18-year-old.

Nisbet functioned in the mill as an anesthesiologist. With a warrant out for his arrest, Nisbet continued anesthetizing as well as aborting at nearby Best Care Women’s Center in Miami. When police closed in, he fled the country and is believed to now be hiding in his native Trinidad.

Police arrested Best Care’s owners, Magaly Gil and Jose Rodriguez. They turned in their license for that mill, and all was forgiven. But Gil still owns and operates two other Miami area abortion mills, Millennium Women Center and Hialeah Women’s Center.

Meanwhile, the Miramar clinic was also closed but reopened by Senises’ ex-husband, Mario Diaz.

Are you following all this?

Back to Bazile. He never reported to Florida authorities he had been placed on professional probation in Illinois. In 2005, a pro-lifer caught this and reported Bazile to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. AHCA responded that the statute of limitations had expired. Oh, well.

By the way, that these snakes are slithering is our fault, in case you didn’t know. To their credit, liberal bloggers have been introspective about this case. But one of their commenters rationalized:

[This] made me think how successful the Christian right-dominated Republican Party has already been in dismantling legitimate abortion and family planning clinics in large parts of the country, especially in the Bible Belt, with the predictable result that less regulated and less legitimate operations will inevitably take their place. This administration is infamous for dismantling well-regulated and useful operations and programs and blaming the victims when dysfunctional or even illegitimate replacements move in to fill the void.

I’d certainly like to know the location of a “legitimate” abortion mill.

Oh, maybe it’s one of Gonzales and Senises’ two others, where today Bazile is still committing abortions.

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