A new television program linking Darwin to Hitler and the contemporary abortion industry isn’t even on the air yet, and already the attacks have begun on those who appear in it.

The results of Darwin’s theories

Author and Christian broadcaster D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries said the new “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” is a ground-breaking inquiry into Darwin’s “chilling” social impact, and it will air nationwide on Aug. 26-27 on “The Coral Ridge Hour.”

But yesterday comments appeared on the Pharyngula website, among others, offering stinging criticism of those on the show.

One of those targeted was Human Genome Project Director Francis Collins, whose book, “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief,” was published only a few months ago.

“I have no idea what role Collins is going to play in this dishonest piece of trash, but I hope he is properly ashamed of being associated with it,” one critic said. “Unfortunately, we’re going to have to watch it to find out.”

Collins explained that he had been interviewed by Coral Ridge about his book, and the taping was inserted into the program without his advance knowledge.

An online information website noted he grew up in a home that as “only nominally Christian” and he was an atheist by graduate school. However, in dealing with terminal patients, he began to question his own religious beliefs and reported becoming a Christian after reading “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.

The documentary was done to “show why evolution is a bad idea that should be discarded into the dustbin of history,” according to Wikipedia. And, it says, Collins said he was “unambiguous in stating that he was interviewed about his book, and that was then inserted into the video without his knowledge.”

He describes himself as a “theistic evolutionist.”

That means, he said, “I take the view that God, in His wisdom, used evolution as His creative scheme. I don’t see why that’s such a bad idea. That’s pretty amazingly creative on His part.”

He calls evolution a “compelling” theory that never can be proven.

The blog criticism attacked him for appearing on the special, then offered a half-hearted apology. The reader had contacted Collins about the special, and noted that Collins said his video was used without his knowledge and he didn’t want to be quoted further.

John Aman, a spokesman for Coral Ridge, said Collins’ comments weren’t sought in an advocacy role.

“Dr. Francis Collins has, apparently, disassociated himself with the special,” Aman said. “He is not presented as an advocate of the Darwin-Hitler thesis, but in our science section, he is presented as an evolutionist who addresses the question of God and creation.”

WorldNetDaily columnist Ann Coulter also was a target for the critics who have yet to see the program.

She has, the critic contended, “no knowledge of science or history,” and others on the program are nothing but “creationists.”

Darwin actually, the critic contended, “was an enlightened fellow for his time who opposed the racism endemic to his culture.

The program, according to producer Jerry Newcomb, is about the social effects of Darwinism, and the bloodshed that can be attributed to those beliefs. He said before Darwin, the basic concept was that man was made in the image of God, and was therefore valuable. But Darwin changed all that.

Coulter, who also wrote the bestselling “Godless: The Church of Liberalism,” said Hitler simply was taking Darwinism from the theoretical to the practical.

“He thought the Aryans were the fittest and he was just hurrying natural selection along,” she said.

“We talk about the link between Darwin and Hitler, and in the middle ground, eugenics,” said Newcomb. “Darwin led to eugenics, which led directly to Hitler.”

Abortion follows, because the logic supporting that says not all human life is to be protected.

“To put it simply, no Darwin, no Hitler,” said Kennedy, who is host for the special. “Hitler tried to speed up evolution, to help it along, and millions suffered and died in unspeakable ways because of it.”

Coral Ridge noted the culmination of that belief system appears to have been the Columbine massacre. There, students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 other students, a teacher, and themselves, after setting out on a plan to kill 500.

“Harris wrote on his website, ‘YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE??? Natural SELECTION! It’s the best thing that ever happened to the Earth. Getting rid of all the stupid and weak organisms,'” the report says.

Reports show that on the day of the attack Harris wore a T-shirt with the words, “Natural Selection.”

Coral Ridge Ministries said it also has published a companion book to the television special, called “Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions.”

Coral Ridge Ministries is a Christian broadcasting organization with radio and television programming that reaches 200 nations.

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