Two Republican candidates who want to replace Ted Kennedy and Joe Lieberman in the U.S. Senate have signed on to the “America First Contract” that commits them to enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, a group has announced. officials confirmed that Ken Chase, who is challenging Kennedy’s long tenure in the Senate, and Alan Schlesinger, who wants to replace one-time Democratic vice-presidential candidate Leiberman, support the nation’s immigration laws.

And they’ve said so in writing.

“I think it’s time American voters had a clear and distinct choice when they go to the polls in November,” Paul Goedinghaus, alliance president, told WorldNetDaily. “They should be able to choose a candidate they know will fight for the rights of Americans.”

The pledge is simple; it just asks candidates to assure voters in writing that, if elected, they will vote to appropriate funds to enforce existing immigration laws, never vote for any measure to increase immigration and oppose plans for amnesty or guest worker programs.

The announcement comes on the heels of a forecast from Washington, D.C., that government spending will rise by as much as $126 billion over the next decade under the Senate’s immigration proposal.

The Congressional Budget Office report forecasts the hiring of 31,000 more federal employees over five years, and the construction of fences and barriers with a price tag of $3.3 billion.

And, the report suggests, another $50 billion would be needed to cover the demands on Medicaid, Social Security, earned income and child tax credits.

Goedinghaus, however, said his group’s estimate was closer to $440 billion, because of the many millions of immigrants who would qualify for federal tax benefits.

“When they find out what’s available to them, they’re all going to manipulate the system for the maximum benefits,” he said.

As WorldNetDaily reported earlier, a group of 43 influential opinion leaders including Alan Keyes, Phyllis Schlafly, David Horowitz and Swiftboat activist John O’Neill have agreed to withhold support from candidates voting for “amnesty” plans.

That group, called the Secure Borders Coalition, said the need is to protect the U.S. borders, not “the wholesale importation of aliens and a path to citizenship for them.”

Their declaration notes that the Heritage Foundation estimates one Senate plan could bring in at least 60 million additional foreigners to the United States over 20 years.

Those people, mostly, will be high school dropouts working low-paying jobs that pay little or no income tax and they will be 50 percent more likely to get government benefits than non-immigrants, the declaration notes.

The AlamoAlliance plan is intended to give voters the assurance that candidates they support will protect the nation.

“In all fairness, every candidate should have the opportunity to sign the Contract,” the organization said in its announcement.

The group said its foundations are “that the traditions, customs and language of the United States of America represent a distinctive American culture that is unique to the United States.”

Those, the group said, are a result of the fundamentals of self-government, self-reliance, liberty and justice contained in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

“It is our belief that in the United States today are 20 to 30 million illegal aliens. Our government has willfully neglected and completely failed in its Constitutional duty to protect the States from invasion and has willfully neglected and completely failed in its duty to enforce the duly enacted laws of the United States Congress,” the group said.

The organization does endorse a “systematic” immigration policy requiring proficiency in English and government.

“With growing impatience, the American people in overwhelming numbers have asked our government to secure our borders,” the group said. “They now demand it and we as a party agree with the American people.”

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